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    I missed Band the first time around, but caught it's encore a few months back. I had read the book first and it was very faithful. I agree that all the characters get confusing if you don't have a program...

    "Programs! get yer program! Can't tell a 'kraut from a commie wit'out a program!"

    The missus watches Sex and the City. i think the funniest parts are when they are at the coffee shop talking. After that scene comes and goes I leave the room.

    I don't watch Sopranos or OZ much, but Six Feet Under is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, it's always on when I'm at work, so I often watch the episodes sporadically and out of order.

    I can't understand how people without HBO can enjoy television anymore.

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    Band of Brothers author Stephen Ambrose died this morning at age 66.

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    is it just me, or are the sopranos really boring this season? the last three seasons were really well done, but all the characters and stories seem really flat this season. i almost wish tony would get killed or sent to prison and just get it over with.

    they have over a year to write this season and this is the best stuff they can come up with?

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    Originally posted by derek
    is it just me, or are the sopranos really boring this season? the last three seasons were really well done, but all the characters and stories seem really flat this season. i almost wish tony would get killed or sent to prison and just get it over with.

    they have over a year to write this season and this is the best stuff they can come up with?
    I disagree 100% ! ! ! Boring? No way, I think last week's show (the one where Ralph almost gets clipped and Tony sets up Johnny Sack's hit by Lou DiMaggio and the Atwell Avenue Boys) was one of the best episodes over.

    Flat? Not to me, I think the whole FBI story with Adriana is very well done. Johnny Sack and the whole feud with Ralph over his joke about Ginny is very funny to me. I think Baccala is really shining this season, I loved that guy since season 2 but this is the first season where they really open up the character.

    There's so much to love about these first 5 episodes of season 4, and I am anxious to finish off the year and get them on DVD next fall!

    derek, forgive me if this is a false assumption, but you haven't been listening to too much of Michael Savage, have you?
    I think he's nuts for the way he complained and complained about the first 2
    shows . . .

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    hey caesar,

    no i have not listened to savage in months.

    i think if ralphie had been hit it would of lent a little more excitement to the season. the first few seasons seemed like anyone could be wacked, but now it seems they are playing it safe.

    i wish the FBI had gotten in a little further. chris' girlfriend dosen't know anything, and i would of liked to see that FBI chick in a few more covert episodes. it would of been interesting if she had started "dating" one of tony's guys.

    maybe it's just me, but i couldn't care less about tony's fat sister trying to score a new man. that and tony's money hungry wife really bore me.

    i want paully out of prison. that guy is funny, and able to go off on anyone.

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    OZ is my personal fave of the bunch here.........

    get together every friday (in Canada) after hours at my local pub to watch it with the bar employees.....

    Six Feet Under comes in a close second...

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    Oz is my favorite as well. Six Feet Under comes up next, then the Sopranos. What I really can't stand is that extremely cr@ppy show Curb Your Enthusiasm. That show is absolutely horrible. It's supposed to be a comedy show and yet NOTHING on it is funny, plus it got nominated for Best Comedy Series at the Emmys. I can think of a ton of other shows more deserving to be nominated than that piece of cr@p. That 70's Show is hilarious or at least Frasier should have been nominated, but why CYE. I don't understand how stuff like this gets nominated. Don't get me started on Sex and the City either.
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    Oh man, Sex in the City SUCKS!

    ...and that's all I have to say about that.
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    I'll have to meet you half way re: Ralph. I would like him to get clipped because I hate the character, but overall I think Joey Pants is fantastic and really brings something to the show.
    If they do ever kill him off, I will take pleasure in it (kinda like with Richie Aprile ) but until then I am really enjoying him being on the show.

    I do agree with you re: Janice; I couldn't care about her love life either, BUT that is not new to the show. That's been going on since she showed up in season 2, starting with Richie and then the narcoleptic guy Aaron, Ralph at the end of last season into this season, and now her attempts at Bobby. I love that guy, and I hope she doesn't get her meathooks into him.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you re: the FBI agent, Deborah/Danielle. Remember when she showed up at the Soprano house? Well, I made a prediction at the time (because of the way Tony looked at her) that he would somehow end up involved with her and she might lose her direction and fall in too deep. Of course my prediction was shot down in the next 2 weeks.


    Sithdroid, I have to tell you that Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of the only shows I watch regularly! (Sopranos and Six Feet Under being the others)
    I'm a big fan of Seinfeld too, and I'll go ahead and say that in some ways I like CYE even better than Seinfeld.
    I have every episode taped and have watched them several times . . . I'm excited for the probable DVD sets down the road! :happy:

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    This thread is really all over the place on subjects. I'm only familiar with Band of Brothers and I am currently re-watching the whole series as part of my effort to join the cause for World War II over 60 years late, and from my living room.

    That being said, this series is awesome and probably one of the best war stories ever told. I started to identify the characters from the top down:

    Capt. Sobel - who seems to be gone now, transferred after the first episode, though I recall him returning the last time I viewed the series (I mean beyond the first episode).

    Lt. Winters - the alleged Quaker, he's an admirable soldier and popular with his men.

    Lt. Nixon - he's an alcoholic, but seems to be a good officer, as well as Winters friend.

    Sobel was a prick, but a very effective company commander in training for the mission - though a disaster in the field.
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