Yeah, dictators trying to rise to power use communism or socialism principles to sound good and gather all the people's support, then they don't deliver. They don't trust democracy - or that the masses know what's best for them (they usually don't) and the dictator spends all his time on internal security versus making the improvements they could've achieved if only they'd deliver.

I know this is fictional, but you wonder what Palpatine might've accomplished if he wasn't engaged in a constant civil war? Was Palpatine truly evil? Like Hitler? Palpatine had to kill the Jedi because they were going to actively resist a Sith Empire. He could've disolved the Senate right after Order 66, but instead waited 19 years (until ANH and the destruction of Alderaan). The EU makes the case that he discriminated against aliens and restricted their rights etc. There is a possibility that at least the Wookiees were thrown into forced labor camps (to build parts of the Death Star for example). But I've never come across much evidence that you could compare Palpatine to Hitler's evil. No, the latter didn't have Force-lightning, but he did have the Blitzkrieg - but his death squads and stormtroopers, though far more primative, were far more worse.