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    What is your favorite OT Ship?

    My favorite ships are:

    From A New Hope: Millennium Falcon
    From Empire: Tie Bomber
    From Jedi: Imperial Shuttle

    But overall it is probably the Millennium Falcon
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    The Falcon hands down for me
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    Millenium Falcon. period.
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    Hmm. Falcon? X-Wing? Falcon? X-Wing? It's so hard to decide. Cloud Car? Nooooooo. No. No. No. ummmmm..I'll go with X-Wing. No. Falcon. Yeah! No. Darn it. I'll say Imperial Star Destroyer.

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    Can I say a landspeeder? I know it's not a ship but it's still a vehicle

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    What's with all the OT favourites, Darkross? Wouldn't it have been easier to put them all in the same thread?

    My favourite ship has to be either Executor or Millennium Falcon.


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    You M.F.!!!

    Definitely the Millennium Falcon... because of Han!
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    X WING across the board!
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    Millenium Falcon. It is the ship that IMO everyone thinks of when they think of SW vehicles. Plus it is a classic.
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    I would have to go with the Falcon to. As a kid I always dreamed of blasting off this planet in the Falcon. I still do!
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