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    Painted Ephant Mon

    Hasbro has a painted pic. Looks cool... What do you think?

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    looks pretty darn cool IMO but maybe a bit too light
    and look a that hair - looks kinda funny
    but great figure overall from what we've seen till now

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    I have been waiting a long time for this figure! I like what I see!
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Impressive. Most impressive. A very fine job on the painting and detail. Hope they look that good once they start showing up in stores.
    Might have to get a few of that one if they do.
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    Oh yeah! I'm rubbing my hands together - I can't wait.
    I too was a little puzzled after seeing his hair color; I was expecting black or dark brown. But if his hair is light brown, his hair is light brown. It's not going to matter in the dark recesses of my cardboard palace
    Again, I can't wait.......hurry up, already!

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    He looks great. I just hope he doesn't fall over when you put his arms in a raised position.

    $5.88 for this guy is going to even up that disappointing $15.99 for Amanaman. No more pack-ins, just card him and churn him out.
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    Still concerned...

    Just because Hasblah botches up the paint applications so often. I hope they don't wreck him... because he looks pretty good at this stage of the game. Well done... so far!
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    i really like what they did. its great looking.
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Y'know, Just for the sake of getting him I'd pay an artist to repaint him if the paint deco stank. he's such a tip top sculpt. Whoever you are that sculpted him I'd like to buy you a drink. I'd like to slap you heartily on the back and in my bestest nice English guy voice say "thanks matey!" Now, when can i have my Ephant Mon figure?

    The hair is going to be a lot lighter than that and the colours in his skin are right on the nose. he was filmed ina dark environment so he just looks a lot darker in pics. his hair is reddish brown so that's technically right. I think maybe the cloak should be slightly darker but I don't care, we finally get an Ephant Mon. Freakin' A!!!!!!!! happy happy happy - for once.....

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    What's with his little wooden microphone/vibro axe? Is he the Sinatra-style crooner of Jabba's palace? Why didn't we see his lounge act instead of that stupid yuzzum hyperventilating everywhere?


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