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Thread: Who opens?

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    I open them all up!!!!!!!! Except my Autographed Darth Maul and a Royal Guard Jedi Force File error.

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    Originally posted by BanthaPoodoo
    although it get tough sometimes wanting to crack into em!
    Tell me about it, one minute you think that'll look better loose and if you open it and put it next to your carded collection is suddenly just looks..... well a bit limp?

    I am torn between carded or loose but carded seems to win all the time.

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    I used to collect MOC; but soon realized that I was worrying more about keeping them mint than enjoying collecting so I open everything now. My collection is about 99% loose and 1% carded. Besides, I've always thought that the card designs from 1995 until now were pretty ugly (the only decent one being the current blue cards). If Hasbro would adopt the Kenner vintage style (black card with giant character photo) then I would probably collect carded and loose again.
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