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Thread: Who opens?

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    Who opens?

    I realize this thread has been already done, but I'm sure there are a few new members who never go the chance to post anything.


    Me I'm an opener, although it does get difficult at times because they look so pretty in the packaging.

    My preview figures are still unopened, but I'll get to it later

    I know some people buy more than on so they can have best of both worlds but I can't justify that for myself. I think one is sufficient. I like to leave some for he next guy
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    I open and I keep them carded. I would say about 70% of my collection is still in its packaging and the rest is loose.
    I have to have one carded. I dont know why, but the first figure I buy must be carded, then the extras I open. I like looking at them
    carded on my walls and on my displays, but then I have the ones I open and play with.
    The best of both worlds I guess.
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    I only open - although I am considering of leaving swimign jarjar and holo sid on their cards when I can't get them sold or traded jar jar looks pretty cool in his package cause you can't put him in a swimming position when loose

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    I usually open my figures. I keep 'classic' figures in the package and get extras to open. All other characters I open.
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    I always open...

    unless I get a double. It's no fun to have a warehouse. I'd rather have a collection.
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    I keep em carded. I use to opened all my figures but when I saw another collectors carded collection, I changed to collecting carded. I think they just look better.

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    I collect loose mostly, but some of my figures are carded (Mostly doubles)

    I only keep 'em on the card if they're an interesting figure, the first time a figure is done........or the figure looks better on the card than it would loose.....
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    I keep em all on card. My friend opens everything, so I cheat and look at his opened!!! I'm with odb... I think they look awesome on the card, although it get tough sometimes wanting to crack into em!

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    Well, I am a carded collector.

    However, I buy extras of the really cool figs to open, sometimes multiples! Gonna have that Imperial Army yet!

    I open ALL of my ships/vehicles/playsets.

    I also collect my favorite foreign (non-US) carded figures.
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    I guess I like to warehouse my figures on cards. I opened a few in the past only because I cut off the UPC to send in for Mace E1 figure. I found that for the most part these figure suck. The packaging is part of the figures and I feel they look best on card, besides I'm a error and variation collector and most of the variations are on the card. The only ones I'll open these days are droids. Hasbro does their best work on these guys, just look at FX-7 simply bad @ss
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