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Thread: Ball Caps

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    If I wanna pay that much for a hat, I'll go order one of those cool Imperial Officer caps from overseas. Now that's a hat worth the price. Not sure which color I want though, I'm torn between black, grey, and olive drab. Oh well, I'm sure I'll decide sooner or later. I'll probably go black, since that's what color I wear most in RL.

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    SamGoody/Media Play had a decent hat recently, $15 for a black cap, nice sturdy front (not all mushy and deformed) with a white SW logo. Nothing silly, just classic. The coolest thing is that it didn't have that silly adjuster in the back, the type that's almost like a belt with a clamp and such. Instead, this cap has the look of a fitted hat while it's actually a "one size fits all" deal meaning that it is somewhat elastic while retaining the look of a fitted hat.

    Best baseball style SW hat I've ever seen.


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