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    I never really thought of the praying mantis lady as all that hot but if you say so...
    Oh, you were saying hot in reference to just the Tonnika Sisters.
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    -Dannik Jerriko
    -Tonika sisters
    -The missing member of the modal nodes (musician)
    -Hem Dazon
    -Feltipern Trevag
    -That guy that buys Luke's landspeeder
    -The other duro (the one Ellors Madak is talking with)
    -The big insect like alien
    -Bo shek (but that one is already on the way)

    Have fun!!
    As always...........L

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    Hmmmm...I'll skip the riff on my TOP TEN thread and jump right in...

    Elis Helrot
    Feltipern Trevagg
    Tonnika Sisters
    Mi'oom Onith
    Djas Puhr
    Dannik Jeriko
    Ponda Baba w/ severed arm
    Danz Borin


    Hem Dazon!!!! I want Hem Dazon more than the other 9 COMBINED!!!!!!!! Hem first, the others...whenever...

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    Those are some pretty good ideas Jedi Cole

    Except Dr. Evason didn't have his arm sliced off. His wound was a superficial carterized slash to his belly/chest.

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    "Almost there, Almost there..."
    I still want Hem Dazon!!

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    Not being a big fan of the little teeny tiny things, wasn't there a hem dazon in one of the battle packs of the action fleet line? I think I have him and he has on a nice blue outfit? If that's him then I have changed my mind about which ones I want.

    10. Elis helrot
    9. kitik Keed'kak
    8. leesub Sirin
    7. Brea tonnika
    6. Myo
    5. Rycar Ryjerd/ Hrchek Kal'Fas 2-pack
    4. feltipern Trevag
    3. Dannik Jerriko
    2. Hem Dazon
    1. Bom Vimdim
    0. Drunk Jawa 2-pack

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    Bah. They've given us Djas Puhr and BoShek, and a resculpt of Momaw Nadon and yet another Greedo and a Ponda Baba with a severed arm, but still no Hem Dazon! Here's my list of Top Ten Cantina dudes (and dudettes):

    10. Swilla Coreym, the world's most obscure action figure
    9. Feltipern Trevagg, the Gotal
    8. MiYoom Onith, the "nightlilly"
    7. Dannik Jeriko, the Anzati
    6. Dice Ibegon, the Florn Lamproid
    5. Danz Borin, the Corulag spacer
    4. Bom Vimdim, the Advosze
    3. K'Tik Keed Kak,
    2. Elis Helrot, the Givin


    1. HEM DAZON, the Arconan

    Maybe you could pack Hem Dazon in with a Sith Infiltrator and kill two birds with the same bush. (Mixed metaphor alert.)
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    i just want new cantina patrons not yet made. has to have good sculptes and paint jobs. some articulation is good too.

    tonnika sisters
    Hem Dazon
    Dannik Jerriko
    Mi'oom Onith
    Elis Helrot

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    Who decides what the names and races of these characters should be? I find it fascinating that you can mention a name /species on your list and presumably everyone knows what you are refering to. I am out of the loop.

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO

    0. Drunk Jawa 2-pack
    DEFINITELY!!! it should be one of the cantina packs! they could come with the outside wall that they're slumped over against!

    what about that little bat guy, with the arms outstreched in "give to daddy" articulation?

    (yeah, DS, i don' t know the names either. i have a feeling the guy i just mentioned is one of the guys they want.)
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