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    Originally posted by El Chuxter
    Anyone have a pic of this Hare Mouse?

    Oh good gravy...don't let Tycho find out, he'll have a new mouse to sniff, and shove up his nose while he wears his Pod Race T...

    I vote for the Givin and the sisters.

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    I also really want HEM DAZON!!!!!!

    Far more than any of the other possibilities. Please. Please! PLEASE!!!

    I, however, greedily snapped up both Boshek and Dejas Puhr --- two very well-done figures, and oh-so-great to get 'em out of the way as now they can only serve to pave the road to my beloved Hem.

    Once "Sparkling Eyes Anvil Head" is done, I'd eagerly comb the aisles for the following figures . . . in order of importance (to me.)

    2) Myo (Cool cyclops guy I always wanted as a kid.)

    3) Dice Ebegon (She's so small she should probably be a pack in. Perhaps a bonus for Hem. )

    4) Gotal (wierd horned alien, seen laughing at the bar. I totally thought he was cool as a kid and he's definitely a unique design. I also think he has a partner, bring 'em both on!)

    5) Saurin (Boskk-ish creatures seen with a partner at the bar. Again, a two pack would be oh-so-groovy)

    6) The other Duro (lame, I know, but I love Duros! And give him articulated wrists! Duro was the best Fan Choice Ever!)

    7) Cantina Band Member (okay, I know, resculpt -- but it needs to be done! Just spruce him up a bit. His arms are a bit wonky or something.)

    8) Tall Blue Snaggletooth. (C'mon! A nod to what I never had vintage wise!)

    Hmmmmm, I'm all out of Aliens. The remaining ones all seem kind of, well, lame, and the Cantina is getting awful crowded. Uh-oh. Hmmmmm. Wait, okay, yeah. I got it . . .

    9) Booths and Tables. (Maybe a three pack of these? Possible glowing candle light up feature!)

    10) PLASTIC WALLS and DOOR WAY PLAYSET. These could be interactive with those awesome Walmart exclusives you've got coming! At long last, my fantasy cantina would be complete!!!!
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