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    Life Size Toys!!

    Hasbro (and fans),
    Wouldn't it be awesome to have life-size SW toys? A 6" Chewie, 5"8' stormtrooper, all of the classics? The price would be very high, I know, but it would be awesome to see them as they were meant to be seen.
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    I would love a 5"6 Queen Amidala or a Slave Leia.

    Oh yea it a great idea.
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    Well, a few years back they made a life sized Carbonite Han, Yoda, R2, and Stormtrooper (I think). They were quite expensive.
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    A true lifesize Chewie would be over 7 feet tall.

    I guess if you don't mind paying $500-$1000 each then lifesized mannequins would be alright; but where would you put them?

    I'll stick to the 3 3/4" figures since I'm having enough trouble just storing those.
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    ya they would be sweet, and i know sharper image made stormtroopers and Han but i don't know about the rest, but if there's a Yoda i need to know where i can get one.
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    Jedi figures would come with strong magnetic lightsaber hilts! Just slip a magnet in your wrist- LOOK MA, I HAVE FORCE POWERS!
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    Originally posted by saladin
    ya they would be sweet, and i know sharper image made stormtroopers and Han but i don't know about the rest, but if there's a Yoda i need to know where i can get one.
    They're only $550, mere pocket change...

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    Just get yourself a Stormtrooper armor or a Queen Amidala costume and dress some mannequins or - if you like the action features - put some friends in.

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    I'd love to get some Stormtrooper armor but I'll have to wait until I can afford those prices. Sadly I'm also a bit too tall for a Stormtrooper so I'd look a bit goofy wearing. I guess I'll have to look for Darth Vader's getup to find something that would fit.
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    rubie's costume makes the 26" yoda, and they have a life-sized vader, 7'6", (how tall ARE you, exhaust port?) lights up and everything. they are also going to make a vader costume, scaled down to an average human size, but still totally accurate. you could throw that one on a (m)anakin () and have a cool piece to look at, or wear. the full size one is retailing for like, $5000, and the costume will be about $1500 i think. they are also making a boba fett replica costume to wear. cool stuff.
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