As I am constantly reflecting on Star Wars and Star Wars figures, I thought it would be fun to start a series of threads with locations specific "Top 10s". For openers I have selected the Mos Eisley Cantina as it got so little coverage in the vintage line and the current line has only recently caught up to releasing a contemporary counterpart to the four vintage characters. To start things off, JediCole's Cantina Top 10:

10. Ponda Boba (resculpt) - We need a less rigid Ponda with a sculpt somewere between the original and the CS release. The additon of a removable lower arm would be an ideal touch.

9. Kitik Keed'kak - You can't go wrong with a giant praying mantis in a dress! Be sure to use a cloth gown with elastic waist and have some fun with the legs, something other than just an accurate praying mantis look.

8. Momaw Nadon (resculpt) - Ironic that so many of the "vintage four" need resculpts. A sculpt more accurate to the on-screen look and costume is needed, with a more muted, sandy brown color like in the movie. The existing Momaw Nadon is still a great Ithorian figure.

7. M'iiyoom Onith - I don't really know why, but I love the look of this more bizarre Cantina denizen. She would add a unique flavor to an Cantina or general group scene.

6. Myo - The sole cyclops of the Star Wars Universe. I love me some Cantina guys!

5. Dr. Evezan (resculpt) - I've voiced my opinion repeatedly on the good doctor. The CS version did not come close. The new separate piece vinyl vests that are in use now would be a nice touch as would a removable lower arm (though not seen on film, Evezan almost cerainly got the same laser surgery as Ponda Boba. Most importantly, get the face right this time!

4. Feltipern Trevagg - One of my all time favorites! We need this bearded, twin-horned smuggler, another of the Cantina standouts. Be sure to use his movie costume and not the Holiday Special one!

3. Tonnika Sisters - The only way to do them justice is as part of the Deluxe line, as a two-pack. Otherwise we will get one and have to wait years for the other. Hopefully Hasbro will heed this message. We need Brea and Senni!

2. Dice Ibegon - One of my true favorites and the most unique character in the entire Cantina. I've seen custom figures of Dice that favor a serpentine form, but since we don't see her body anyway, I would prefer something unusual, like a quadropedal form.

1. Hem Dazon (Arcona) - When I was a lad and they ultimately only put out four Cantina creatures, I was campaigning for Kenner to come out with Hem Dazon (though there were no proper names back then) under the name "Anvil Head". Glittery eyes and a violet-black head would make this a great figure!