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    Singapore - Just Found

    Well, you guys should know AOTC have arrived about a month ago and most have been happy owners of them.
    But I just saw Zutton, FX-7, Amidala black gown decoy and Mechanic JarJar clearing at Takashimaya at S$5.9 each.

    Any Singsters out there? Am in this Forum for so long and have not seen a single Singaporean here.
    Pls relpy to this post if you are a Singaporean and tell us (or only me?) what you have just found

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    I'm not!
    "Giggety giggety!"

    Jek Porky 2008

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    Oh O.K
    "Giggety giggety!"

    Jek Porky 2008

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    Well here I am talking to myself again.... Just found :

    1. POTJ Rebel Fleet Trooper S$5.97
    2. POTJ Luke X-Wing S$5.97
    3. POTJ FX-7 S$5.97
    4. POTJ Zutton S$5.97
    5. POTJ Mechanic Chewie S$5.97
    6. POTJ Amidala decoy S$5.97
    7. POTJ Amanaman S$8.97
    8. POTJ Leia Cannon S$8.97
    9. POTJ Palm Talker Boba Fett S$14.97
    10. POTJ Palm Talker Chewbacca S$14.97

    all at Daimaru Liang Court!! Cheap Cheap Cheap sale

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    More talking to myself :

    Tie Bomber and Snow Speeder is here!!
    The last wave of POTJ - Teebo, Bo'Shek and a R2 unit are here too.


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