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    Is it me or are the figures getting smaller?

    I just picked up Jango Fett and Clone trooper from the hamilton TRU , and once opened i noticed how small jango seems
    and after looking at some other POTJ figs , i noticed, they all look small next to some POTF2 figs

    is it just me or does anyone else notice this?

    But the detail on Jango is great, very impressive


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    In a sense they are getting smaller but in a good way.

    They're finally making the figures in the proper scale they should be.
    Female figures are smaller than the male figures and Darth vader and Chewie now are at their proper heights.

    Good or bad? I dunno, but I like it.
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    the zam is tiny...i haven;t opened mine yet, probably won;t either
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    Look at Shmi or the POTJ Ben Kenobi. Those figures are horribly scaled...

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    I agree. Too small means too fragile. I don't want my loose figures getting broken when my nephews come over and play with them. The amount of detail in some of the newer figs. is impressive though.
    Just got my Toyfare Vaders(2) today. Woohoo!
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