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Thread: New 12"

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    New 12"

    Hey Hasbro !

    What about a 12" Landspeeder ? I think its not too big (something like a Barbie-Ferrari *g*).

    Here are my favorites to produce:

    12" Gammorean Guard
    12" Amanaman
    12" Bantha /w Tusken Raider
    12" Rancor /w Malakili (maybe too big, you have to cheat with the size, as you did with the Dewback *g*)
    12" Rebo Band (I think this was announced)
    12" Leia Endor
    12" Ugnoughts
    12" Lando Skiffguard
    12" Lando General
    12" Probe Droid
    12" Oola
    12" AT-ST (same size-cheating as with the Rancor *g*)

    Leave the imperial figures to Marmit, they do their job much better with that uniforms.

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    Don't forget:
    12" Tonika Sisters
    12" Sebulbas blue twi-lek assistants
    12" Mara Jade
    12" Oola falling out of her costume

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    12" Amanaman
    12" Yakface
    12" Gammorean Guard
    12" Bantha /w Tusken Raider
    12" Rancor /w Malakili
    12" Mara Jade
    12" Oola
    12" Rebo Band
    12" Probe Droid
    12" Klaatu
    12" Barada
    12" Niktu
    12" Yareal Poof
    12" Ki-Adi-Mundi
    12" Plo Koon
    12" Saesee Tiin
    12" Yaddle
    12" Oppo Ranscics
    12" Eeth Koth
    12" Even Piell
    12" Trash Compactor Monster
    "It can't rain all the time."

    "Quote the Raven, Nevermore."

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    I just need these 1/6 :

    1. General Veers
    2. Gamorrean Guard
    3. Scout Trooper (with no bike)
    4. Rebel Fleet Trooper
    5. AT-ST Driver

    That's it. Now Hasbro, is it too much to ask for?

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    Thumbs down

    Well, I would guess that you will get your biker scout alone. Anything to reuse something to make more money.
    "It can't rain all the time."

    "Quote the Raven, Nevermore."

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    Thumbs up All for Biker Scout with no bike

    I think it make perfect sense for Hasbro to repackage the Biker Scout singular. They have all the imperial troopers in 1/6 and what makes the BS so different that he had to come with his vehicle? Hasbro has AT-AT Driver, does it means he should come packaged with a 1/6 AT-AT? Or a 1/6 Tie Fighter?
    They have done it for Hoth Han and they can do it again for BS I keep my finger crossed.

    Hasbro, I'll probably buy at least 1/2 dozen of BS if you release them singular pack (w/o bike) but I'll only buy 1 with bike. Do you smell business opportunity?

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    I am from Germany, but I have heard that they marked down the BS with Bike to 12,95 $ at walmart i the US. So why don't you buy 6 an throw the bikes in the trash ?
    When it will be released single, it will cost 19.95 $.

    Here in Germany you pay 150 $ at comicstores for the BS /w bike.

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    The Biker Scout w/bike for US$12.95 has already become a folklore. I think there's NONE to be found ANYMORE in ANYWHERE in the States (correct me if I'm wrong). How do I know? I have asked friends in the states to help me locate the gem but its been almost 3 months now and there's no news whatsoever.
    I don't know what's the coversion rate for Deutsh Mark vs the US greenbacks but here in Singapore, I paid US$120 for my set.

    I'm also an Army builder in the 1/6 area and I will be thrill if there is a BS out there packaged singular. That'll be GREAT. Of course, if I can lay my hands on a $12.95 set, I wouldn't be dump enough to thrash the bikes
    Its all in the name of "cost cutting".
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    Australia - Home of the pegwarmers :(

    12" Gasgano
    12"Jedi Council members
    12"Jabba The Hutt (it could be made)
    12" Scmi
    6" Ewoks
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    I have the Illusion Jabba. And it fits absolutly perfekt to the 12" Figures.
    A Hasbro-Jabba would be not so well done I think.
    If you can get your hands on a Illusion Jabba, buy it !


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