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Thread: 12in Droids?

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    12in Droids?

    What 12in droids should Hasbro make?

    Here's my list,

    12in Destroyer Droid (folds up)
    12in Pilot Battle Droid with PK Droid.
    12in Security Battle Droid (Same pose as the basic one)
    12in Imperial Probe Droid with Launch Pod
    12in Sith Probe Droid 3 Pack (they'd be 2in. tall)
    12in 2-1B
    12in FX-7
    12in STAP with Battle Droid
    12in Bomar(sp?) Monk Droid
    12in Electronic Trade Federation Droid Fighter (with light up eyes and Walk Mode)
    12in EV-9D9
    12in 8D8 & Power (Gonk) Droid 2 Pack/with brander.

    And you guys?
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