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    Originally posted by the Distinguished Gungan from Naboo
    Having that last day with his "mommy" gave him closure. It doesn't come right out with it, but at the end he did what all humans do, he died. And poor teddy is all alone with the advanced mechas.
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    Originally by Fulit
    Yeah! as in "yay! yippee! he died at the end!"? Or Yeah! as in "I agree. What the gungan said."?

    Originally posted by dirtybones
    I think that Teddy was the best actor in the whole movie. That just goes to show you how bad that movie really was. Big time yawn, and what was with the alien at the end with helping the kid? He looked like a walking water ballon with emotions.
    Well, as Jar Jar pointed out, it wasn't an alien, it was a mecha. The Human race died out and left these machines to figure out why they were there in the first place. It's like when Jude Law says "They despise us. because they have destroyed themselves and soon we will be all that's left." No wonder you didn't like the movie. You weren't paying attention. There is a difference between not understanding a film, and not enjoying it.

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    Your right I'm sorry. Even with the 62 inch big screen and ss that movie put me to sleep. A waste of DVD material, they could have used it to make the first trilogy.
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    Besides it's not that I didn't understand the movie it just wasen't worth all the noise that it got.
    " You ever dance with the devil by the pale moon light? I ask all my prey, I just like the sound of it"

    " See you around kid "

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    The movie was o.k., nothing special. The most intriguing character IMO was Teddy. The movie definately had promise, but the film drags in many places and is WAY too long. I could have gone for a 1/2 hour less of it. I thought that this movie was going to be amazing because of all the hush hush publicity that was put into it, but alas it didn't deliver.

    A nice movie to rent, but definately not one to own.
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    I saw it, although not my favorite film, its not my least favorite film either. Not Spielberg or Kubricks best outing but not their worst. I did kind of lose interest in it as the movie went on, but that was because of personal tastes and preferences more than bad filmaking.
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    It was boring and stupid in my opinion. It was pointless and never-ending. I agree, Teddy was my favorite character! He was pretty cool, the others... BAH! Oh yeah, Einstein (Robin Williams) was kinda funny, but nothing special. The movie was a waste of time.
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    I felt it was a waste of time too, Plo, as evidenced by the fact that I fell asleep during it. That rarely happens when I watch a movie.

    Kubrick is overrated. Meh.

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    I disagree. I was very intrigued by the film and it kept me watching the whole time. I was sleepy before I started, but was awake by the time it ended as it got me thinking.
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    Still haven't seen it. Don't care to either.
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