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    Well, I doubt that he auditioned with that hair cut, but who knows. From what I understand about him, he's quite crazy. So, that's probally what they wanted. Plus, he's tall and has a good face for an elf. I guess the get ups these actors wear to play these characters are very elaberate. So, when they take them off and just look normal, they are just that. Normal. You take the vest off of Han or the hat off of Indy you still get Harrison Ford a real action hero. You take the ears and bow away from Legolas and you get Orlando, some crazy xtreme sports nut .

    I guess that's good for thier anamosidy (sp?). Those two could walk down the street together and no one would know who they are. They probally like that.

    Thanks for clearing up that whole trialer issue. I figured that was it, but I didn't want to miss something. Or worse yet have to hunt for it like in the Harry Potter DVD . Is there anything hidden on LOTR DVD? I hope not .
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    No Easter Eggs as far as I or anyone else can tell. They probably saved anything that would be an Easter Egg for the 4-disc set in November. Can't wait for that, and the $10 rebate in the 2-disc set was a nice touch. Save those reciepts.

    Ugh, don't remind me of the Harry Potter DVD. That was such a waste. I wanted making of features, audio commentaries, stuff like that. And what do we get, a pack of kids games and a small feature on the movie. This is one of the movies, I am begging WB to double dip with a S.E. release.

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    Funny story about the PS version, I was in the store early yesterday to pick up a copy of the DVD and the girl at the checkout asked me if I was sure that I wanted the Widescreen version. I just about fell out at that point. I sorta replied that having a widescreen tv would be pretty useless with a PS version of the film. She retorted that a lot of people buy the widescreens by accident and then seek to return them because they hate the bars at the top and the bottom. I always thought that one would at least look at the packaging before buying.

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    I always find myself returning the pan & scan version for the widescreen version. One some tapes, it's not very clear which version you are getting.

    No Targets in my area either, Jar Jar. They were supposed to open a Blockbuster down here but the owner lost the lease before even opening the doors. So they have this brand new building just sitting around collecting dust until someone buys it.
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    Last I heard Wal-Mart had it for $15.88, I'm not sure cause I didnt go there but thats what I heard from somewhere.

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    Wal-Marts are varying widely. At three different stores, I've seen it for $16.99, $15.74, and $14.44. I think it depends on the manager and the competition in the area.
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    So does this set have the National Geographic LOTR special on it? I didn't buy this set because I'm waiting for the Nov. one, but I've looked at the contents description on the back of the case and didn't see it mentioned anywhere.

    Is that special good enough to get it by itself?
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    Jar Jar, can you tell me how this $10 cupon works? Is it $10 off the 4 disk or 5 disk set? Also do you need the cupon or the reciet and cupon. Plus, is it a mail in rebate or do you get it off when you are at the store? Thanks for your help
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    $5 off the four-disc set or $10 off the big ol' 5-disc gift set, provided you have the receipts and POPs for both.

    MC, the National Geographic special will be included in the gift set come November. (JarJarBinks, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the NG special extended from the DVD currently available?) If you want it, make sure you get the 5-disc version.
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    Thanks El Chuxter that helped out a bunch. So, becasue the LOTR DVD can be had for around $15, I think I'll buy it. Since I planned on buy the 5 disk set anyway. The $10 cupon makes the current LOTR DVD only cost about $5.00, that's cheeper than renting it (nearly). Hears the math as I see it

    5 disk set $50.00 (only guess, it may be cheaper)
    LOTR DVD $15.00 (avg. of all stores)
    Total $65.00
    -$10.00 (cupon from first DVD)
    Final Tot. $55.00

    So, I'm only paying $5.00 to get the DVD now. Chances are I can sell the first LOTR DVD to a used shop for at least that. So, the way I see it I can't afford not to buy it . I just wish I'd of thought of this on tuesday when I spent $4 to rent it at Blockbuster . Oh well, I figured it out now. It's all a numbers game.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.


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