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    I really can't wait for this set. Of course, this takes priority over any SW toy that comes out between now and Christmas. I will just have to borrow my parents' DVD player to watch it.

    Jar Jar, I like the idea of keeping the Super 35 picture with the restored top and bottom of the film. I just wish the big SPFX movies would be able to restore those ends, but the extra FX in those tiny sections could add up to millions just by themselves. The only reason I am complaining is that widescreen is kind of hard on the eyes for those of us with tiny TV sets (when you can't spare $3.50 for a single clearanced Ep2 figure, a new TV is totally out of the question).

    Have I mentioned this before? I hate being a dirt poor college student!
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    Ok I might have missed it but I searched the whole thread, couldn't get an extreme clear answer, so the 5-disc set come out on Nov. 12th as well, correct?
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    Yes, the 5 disc set comes out on November 12th as well

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    One of the guys at TORN was sent the extended dvd script, he has posted basically what the scenes are, not word for word or anything but go over there to see for yourself. Here's the link, there are spoilers though.


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