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    Favorite Vintage EU figure!

    Mine is a tossup between the Aqualish in the bright orange candy shell with the blue leotards and the swimfin boots, or the Rodian in the head to toe green "performance art" costume.

    What's yours?

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    Maybe it was Hammerhead in his INTERNATIONAL MALE step-ins.... kinda like Trip was wearing on "ENTERPISE" last night... :happy: mmmmmm...
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    I like the lanky Blue Snags in his silver shoes

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    Thumbs up

    Since we never really saw a Cloud Car Pilot in action below the shoulders, I'd go with CCP. Well, except for that withered arm; what was the deal with that? So he could drink his walkie talkie thing? Wha-? Death Squad/Star Destroyer Commander would be up there, too. Well, did he command a squadron of death or a giant starship? Huh, huh?
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