Hey all,

in light of little or no posting, and that I'm in a good mood and looking forward to going out tonight to get munted (very drunk) I thought I'd follow on from the pants fad to the new one;

"Innit" has now pervaded most walks of life media-wise and means "isn't it." It's not to be used in correct context and it is this malapropism that has made it a buzzword and an engenderment of the zeitgeist. It comes from the black bashment clubs of South London (pron' - Sarf Landon)

Here're four examples;

Correct use

I love goin' out, innit!

These American's are crazy, innit!

Incorrect use

This is mad, innit!

Tomorrow's Good Friday, innit!

Usually it is said in a common squeaky accent, perhaps like a stereotypical Essex girl. But let's not try to run before we can walk

So, now you know, I'd like to see this adopted into your daily vocab along with "pants" (which is getting a bit passť now, BTW)

Now, for your homework, I'd like you to come up with 2 good examples and 2 incorrect examples of your own. Better make it about mms or we run the risk of gettin the thread deleted, innit


np: I'ma tell ya - Schooly D