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    Still live in logan WV for the 3rd freaking time!

    Get your vader yet?

    Mine came today to WV. Perfect condition and well watto too.
    Anyone else?
    Good hunting to all

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    When did you order???

    I was just curious when you ordered yours? I ordered on February 23 and still no sign of it.

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    um, which vader would this be?
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    I too ordered mine on Feb 23rd and I just found out that they shipped mine out yesterday. Yours will be coming too I'm sure, since we both preorderd the same day. I never got an e-mail saying it shipped, but I read the new post here on sir steves about it being available again so I called and found out mine is in the mail.

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    Browndroid..... Sorry I forgot to mention that it is The 2002 Toy Fair Darth Vader figure that was a Toy Fair and Star Wars Fanclub exclusive. They are once again sold out and they don't think they'll be getting any more in, but you never know.

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    Thanks for the info. I will be watching for it...

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    Hey, if any of you have an extra to trade or sell, I have a thread in the Trades section to peruse or you can fire off an e-mail to me. I'm one of those unlucky people that spent hours trying to order this guy, but never got through. I'm desperate to get this figure, and my hopes are growing dimmer every day. If you can help, just let me know. Thanks!
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    Got mine yesterday in perfect condition with Ody Mandrell.
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    Originally posted by bgood3

    Thanks for the info. I will be watching for it...
    They are sending them 2 day fedex so we should get them tomarrow.

    Sorry but I won't be selling mine. I normally buy 3 of each figure, but I know that isn't gonna happen with this one. Unless later this summer huge truckloads get sent to TRU clearance shelves. Which we all know seems to happen to so called "exclusive" figures every so often. Keep your eyes peeled.

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    Call the fan club and get a tracking number. Who knows maybe it's already in your home town ready to be delivered first thing in the morning?


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