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    Smile playskool sets in stock/shipping claims to have both "Duel with Darth Maul Playset" and "X-Wing Adventure" from Playskool in stock and shipping for $17.99

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    You know...

    It hasn't even occurred to me to look for these on my store visits. I've been sticking to Hasbro and LEGO product. Funny... since I don't collect LEGO either.
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    These sets are cool but are they $18 cool?
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    Good point JEDIpartnr, I wouldn't even know where to look for these. Will they exclusively be stocked in the pre-school toys section or will they use a crossover and put them near the regular SW toys?

    Looks like I have some more store browsing to do . . .

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    Since those toys are geared toward little people, I'd say check the aisle with the Playskool stuff. I'm going to get one for my niece's birthday.


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