I found a dealer who has a vintage shuttle for $150. It is "in the box" but the box is opened and has some water damage. Box colors are vibrant however. It includes the original instructions and the decal sheet--but the decals are already applied. None of the ancillary packing cardboard or plastic is included.

The shuttle itself appears to be in GREAT condition. No yellowing that I saw, clear, clean windshield, etc. etc.

Somebody offered me a loose, yellowed Shuttle about a year ago for $75. This one is in much better condition.

Here's the thing... Im not going to keep the box. I open all my toys. Is this a good price for what is, in essence, a loose shuttle? Also, is there any market out there for just the box--say on eBay?

Im inclined to go ahead and buy this baby--like many it remains the holy grail of my collection.

I just wanted to solicit some feedback on whether other collectors thought this was a good price. As far as I could tell, prices on eBay are all over the place.

Thanks in advance.

Peace out.

-Rash Flembar-