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    Question good price for vintage shuttle?

    I found a dealer who has a vintage shuttle for $150. It is "in the box" but the box is opened and has some water damage. Box colors are vibrant however. It includes the original instructions and the decal sheet--but the decals are already applied. None of the ancillary packing cardboard or plastic is included.

    The shuttle itself appears to be in GREAT condition. No yellowing that I saw, clear, clean windshield, etc. etc.

    Somebody offered me a loose, yellowed Shuttle about a year ago for $75. This one is in much better condition.

    Here's the thing... Im not going to keep the box. I open all my toys. Is this a good price for what is, in essence, a loose shuttle? Also, is there any market out there for just the box--say on eBay?

    Im inclined to go ahead and buy this baby--like many it remains the holy grail of my collection.

    I just wanted to solicit some feedback on whether other collectors thought this was a good price. As far as I could tell, prices on eBay are all over the place.

    Thanks in advance.

    Peace out.

    -Rash Flembar-
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    buy it buy it buy it if you want to sell the box email me $150 is a reasonable price for a complete shuttle.ill take the box of your hands let me know

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    in case anybody cares... I went ahead and bought the thing. the shuttle itself is really in great shape. the box isnt quite as nice as I had remebered but is still pretty good.

    If anyone is interested, Im going to put the box for sale on eBay. No reserve, $10.00 flat fee shipping. It will probably be up Monday or Tues... Im just not going to have time over the Easter weekend to take photos and post the auction.

    Boss Nass... since you were kind enough to offer some advice, Ill eMail you when I post the auction.

    In case anyone else is interested, the place I got it, Quake Collectibles on North Lincoln Ave in Chicago (Lincoln Square area), has another EVEN BETTER shuttle for sale.

    This one is basically mint. The box is open but in GREAT shape, interior cardboard packaging is still included. Stickers ARE NOT applied but the sticker sheet and instructions are in the box.

    They want $225.00 for it. I suspect this is a good price.

    And no... I am not affiliated with them... Im not getting anything... I just thought somebody might be interested.

    Peace Out.

    -Rash Flembar-
    A death mark is not an easy thing to live with.

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    How do you get offers like that in the US.
    That is a complete bargain for an Imperial Shuttle.

    Over here in the UK, we are lucky to find a loose one for under 150 and thats in average condition. A boxed one goes for about 400-500.

    Buy it. I would if I had that offer.

    I'm currently negotiating an offer on one myself, but it's gonna cost me about 180+
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    Hey Flembar, thanks for the tip. I bought it. It was a good buy!
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