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Thread: Master Replicas

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    Does the blade of Anakins saber come off, or is it on for good? I hope to see on up close this weekend at the celebration. I will report back if no one beats me to it.
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    The "fx" sabers have NON-removable saber blades, which is the ONLY thing keeping them from being perfect IMO.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Yeah, but...what'd he mean by "real" lightsaber?!

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    My brother told me about this guy on the net who says he is only months away from creating a lightsaber that works just like in the movies. If you send him $10,000 now to aid his research he will put your name on a waiting list to have one made. (the $10,000 is for research and does NOT go to the eventual price of the saber.) Wow, what a deal!

    Typically enough, no matter how ridiculous the offer there are always those that will believe it.

    I think the MR's are waaaaay too expensive for what they are. Easier to just buy a replica of the graflex flashtube, buy the parts and make your own.
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