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Thread: Panic Room!

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    Panic Room!

    Fincher does it again! Man, he makes some dark movies doesn't he? And I don't neccassarily mean dark subject matter. He just doesn't use or can't afford lights in his movies. This one is no exception. Plenty of shadowy thrills. David Koepp's script could have used some tweaking. It starts out strong with some vivid characters, but begins to paint itself into a corner as the movie progresses. It's hard to keep Jodie Foster in a tiny panic room for two hours and they started to run out of ideas. I didn't much like the father showing up in the last third. Better to have the heroine win her own battles, I think. And the ending seems pat and Un-Fincherish leaning towards the Hollywood ending of his other film, The Game. So it's not as good as Se7en and Fight Club, but still a darn good movie.

    Your thoughts?

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    Well, I for one will not be going to see this movie. The premise of it just doesn't appeal to me and from what I've seen of the previews, it looks a little lame.
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    it looks cool, but im under aged so i wont be seeing it either
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    I seem to only like Fincher when Brad Pitt is involved. I won't being seeing this movie either. I don't like the premise, and I don't like Jodie Foster at all.
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    what's it about, exactly?

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    Yeah, I'm going with Fulit on this one. From the trailers, I got no real sense of what the heck was going on in this film. I honestly couldn't tell you with any degree of certainty what this flick is supposed to be about. I actually was a bit curious, but I've been burned by effective-yet-not-informative trailers before.
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    Originally posted by Fulit
    what's it about, exactly?
    It's called Panic Room because it has Rick McCallum locked in a room for two hours without any butts to kiss.
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    The premise is a recently divorced women and her daughter move into a luxurious townhouse that recenly belonged to a rich old guy. The dude was a bit of an eccentric and had a "Panic Room " installed in the master bedroom. Three guys break in, thinking the place is still in escrow and therefore empty, to steal something in the house. It turns out what they want is in the Panic Room that Jodie Foster and her daughter hide in. The rest of the movie is them trying to get in, while JF, who is trapped inside by them, is trying to get out to get help. Lots of cat and mouse, check/countercheck thrills ensue.

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    when i saw the preview for this, i thought typical hollywood cookie cutter crap. i was suprised to find out that david finchner was directing. he usually dosen't do your typical hollywood stuff. and rollo, you're right, he does like low lights.

    i'll pass on this one.

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    From the looks of it, this movie could easily be shortened:
    <JF> Get in the room!
    <Whoever> Ok, I'm in, we're all sealed up.
    *JF grabs a phone* "Hello, 911?"

    The End.
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