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Thread: Panic Room!

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    When I first saw the trailer, I thought JF had a son in this movie.

    I'm up and down with Fincher - I liked Se7en, but didn't care for Fight Club. I'll probably see it this week and give it a try

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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    From the looks of it, this movie could easily be shortened:
    <JF> Get in the room!
    <Whoever> Ok, I'm in, we're all sealed up.
    *JF grabs a phone* "Hello, 911?"

    The End.
    Sorry. No phone. There's a phone LINE in the Panic Room, but JF never hooked it up. (This is their first night in the house remember?)
    There's a cell phone in the bedroom outside the Panic Room, but there's also three guys outside waiting for JF to open the Panic Room door to GET the cell phone.

    Try again, LT basker.

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    Sorry LTB....let me try one:

    JF: "Get in the room!"

    Son: "Ok, I'm in, we're all sealed up."

    JF: "What do you want?"

    Burglars: "What we want is in that room!"

    JF: "Ok...just so you know, this room has cameras that show the whole house, and I see you three guys outside the door. So here's the deal: (Thinks to herself...."the study is the room furthest from here")...Ok, all of you stand in front of the camera in the study. I'll set the "thing" outside the door."

    Burglars: Thanks.


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    Alright, now Howdy just referred to JF's "son". What is the child's gender?

    This is madness

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    Yep, my's a girl. Just saw the movie tonight. Not bad.....hated the ending.

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    <JF> "Get in the Panic Room!"
    <whoever> "Okay, I'm in and we're sealed up!"
    <JF> "Okay, now hit the alarm button to send the message to the police station that we're in trouble and trapped in the Panic Room."
    <whoever> "Sorry, no button."
    <JF> "What?? Ok, what about a secret passage way leading to the outside?"
    <whoever> "Nope..."
    <JF> "What about smoke bombs? Weapons? An always hooked up telephone? Anyway to send a message??"
    <whoever> "Nope, nope, nope, and definitely...nope."
    <JF> "This is ridiculous! Even UPN shows have better writing than this! All right fine, I'm gonna take some sleeping pills, wake me when they're gone."
    <whoever> "No sleeping pills either."
    <JF> "How come the house couldn't get sealed up while we can have an escape route to the outside while they're trapped in those parts of the house?"
    <whoever> "That would've been SMART."

    There. Now ya gotta admit, if someone's coming to kill you and you get in something like a Panic Room and you know they're not gonna give up without a fight there should be alert the police, like oh say... A panic button.
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    I found the picture cliche'. I'm not much of a Jody Foster fan to begin with. Raul was a lame character. I waited for the surprise twist which didn't happen.


    The plot had more holes in it than milk-bone underwear given to a doberman pincer. Why the hell didn't the guy that stood to inherit the money borrow money from the bank and buy the stupid house then worked to open the safe at his leisure? The whole premise was rediculous.

    The only part of the movie that was humerous was the gas scene. The rest of this movie sucked bad. Blade II on te other that was a good flick.

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    you are correct sir, blade 2 was awesome. i've grown kind of tired of paint by the number action flicks, as i was expecting blade 2 to be, but i was pleasantly suprised. it's not often the sequal is better than the original, but it was here.

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    Let's just say it's a good thing this isn't a Blade II thread or I'd be trashing that film for an hour.

    I too thought Jodie Foster had a son in this movie, from the trailers.
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    I'm so sick of the Hollywood "art" flicks that try so hard, that I'm more interested in brainless action sci-fi movies that require no thought, just eye candy. That's why I loved Blade 2, the action was awesome, the story was mediocore, and the characters were cool.

    For the most part though, the film industry has gone down hill, IMO. Although there are really great films coming out, most are pure crap or rehashed ideas. If a movie comes out that is remotely good, I see it in theaters, I haven't been to a blockbuster in months.
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