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  • Out of the main hold - it's the N-1!!!

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  • Nothing can stop the Droid Fighters!!!

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    I was seriously looking forward to the Droid Starfighter toy when I saw them in the trailers and realized they transformed. Sadly, Hasbro dropped the ball with these guys. If they had just released one high-quality, fully transforming one, then it would have beat out the N-1 by light years.

    Even though I don't really care for the N-1 design, it was a fundamentally better toy, so my vote goes to that.
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    I voted for the N-1

    I waited and bought it on clearance for less than $10, whereas I bought the Droids for $20 at midnight madness out of anticipation. They haven't held up too well, quite flimsy and floppy, while the N-1 is still a nice addition to my collection.

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    Yeah, sturdier plastic for the Droid Fighters would have done wonders for it.

    They could have at least been done in the solid plastic style that Hasbro's later Transformers had seen release in (i.e. Hot Rod, Springer, etc.) Then "Transforming Droid Fighters" would have become a fashion statement.

    I heard they are briefly in Attack of the Clones (no spoiler I hope - it's so unimportant). Maybe the toy company could do a better version later (after most of the new vehicles have been looked to).


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