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    Preview Figures in Cincinnati

    Finally, found the preview figs at the Tri-County TRU. I got the last Clonetrooper and 2nd to last Jango. BTW, does anyone else from Cincinnati actually read these boards?

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    Hi. I am from Cincinnati but I don't live their anymore. Perhaps this is why I read the boards?

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    Hey TikiFett. It's too bad you don't live here any more, I could use some help finding the new stuff around here. Most of the time it's nothing but pegwarmers. Oh well.

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    I'm from Cincinnati, (Anderson Township, on the east side). I've seen the preview figures at Wal-Mart and Kmart, but I ordered some stuff on line recently so I haven't been looking much. I'm all caught up on POTJ right now, but I've been getting excited by these reports of the AOTC figures being found. I'll let you know if I find any of them or the last POTJ exclusives!


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