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    Your Dream OT Figures, Vehicles, and Playset

    Okay, assuming that the impossible can in fact occur --- what would you do if the makers of Hasbro randomly selected you from their fanbase and asked you to consult them on their next five Original Trilogy figures. Which five would name? Please note -- that I'm excluding any that are currently scheduled or rumoured --- including my beloved R5-D4. Also, what two vehicles would you demand be done. And of course, one truly amazing playset. The power is yours --- how would you wield it?

    Hem Dazom (first anvel head, sparkly eyes alien in Cantina.)
    Cantina Cyclops (anybody help me on this name?)
    WED-15 Septoid (Spider droid at the Jawa Sale)

    Escape Pod

    And now for the playset . . .

    I'd love it if the just updated the classic vintage one. But I mean REALLY update it. New detailing. A better trash compactor. And of course, a representation of Detention Block AA-23.
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    My picks would be-
    the two twin girls in the cantina
    the WED-15 Septoid
    the old guy that greets Leia in the rebel Hanger
    deluxe wamprats that comes with a moisture evaporator

    the escape pod that comes with the skeleton of the Krayt Dragon
    and of corse, the long, long waiting Sandcrawler
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Good question, I know we all love to make lists. Let's see:

    1. Hermi Odle w/ Bubo
    2. Yarna D'yl Gargan w/ Rappertunie
    3. Captain Colton Antillies
    4. Imperial Dignitary (2-pack)
    5. R2-D2: Jabba's Bartender

    1. Sandcrawler
    2. Jabba's Sailbarge

    1. Jabba's Palace w/Jabba, Herat (Jawa w/ Fan), and Slave Leia.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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    Imperial Landing Craft
    Jabba's Sailbarge


    Hermi Odle
    The Alien Luke sells his landspeeder to.
    New "Soft Goods" Snowtrooper
    New "Soft Goods" Imperial Palpatine
    New "Soft Goods" Luke Skywalker : Jedi Knight.



    Imperial Palpatines Death Star II Throne Room. (with Imperial Dignitary)

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    Well, there are too many figures to choose from, so I'll just do playsets and vehicles:

    5. Connecting Falcon Hangar Bay - Instead of being a giant playset for alot of money you would buy different sections then them together and it would of course have a wall section with that floor section so it would also have different rooms on the walls and such.
    4. Extra attachments for the Bespin playset, like a connecting catwalk, a giant WORKING claw and the elevator that Luke goes up on
    3. 2-Piece connecting "inside-the-sandcrawler" with a lot of droid pieces you can just have laying around and you can build several droids out of them
    2. Tantive IV connecting series of hallways and rooms (you can make it as long as you want due to the everconnecting hallways)
    1. Death Star connecting series like the Tantive IV series

    5. Landspeeder (to perfect scale with a good Obi-Wan figure for it)
    4. Correct TIE Fighter
    3. Correct TIE Interceptor
    2. Personnel transport like in the Hoth Rebel hangar bay
    1. A new Outrider, technically it can be considered non-EU, it was in ANH.
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    vehicles: jabba sail barge
    x-wing(i dont remember the guys name but he painted it green)
    playset: Death star
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    1. Swilla Corey and Reegesk
    2. Feltipern Trevagg and Hem Dazon
    3. Hermi Odle with Attark
    4. Tanus Spijek with Ghoel and Bubo
    5. Colonel Wulf Yularen


    1. Twin Pod Cloud Car
    2. Void Spider
    3. 9000 Z001 Landspeeder


    1. Bespin Gantry, Reactor Shaft, Exhaust Pipe, and Weather Vane
    2. Imperial Briefing Table
    3. Cantina Booth and Table
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    1 Feltipern Trevagg
    2 J'Quille
    3 Dannik Jericho
    4 Captain Antilles


    1 Sandcrawler
    2 Imperial Shuttle


    1 Has to be a deathstar playset with multi levels and multipurpose use for dioramas.

    Oh ya the one eyes guy form the cantina is called MYO

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    The cyclops' name is Myo.

    So is a wave four figures? or five? To make it really broad, you should ask for a wave of four with one figure from each movie. TPM, ANH, ESB, and ROJ. Anyway, here are my five current choices. Be aware this list changes daily and sometimes hourly...

    1. Captain Colton Antilles
    2. Hem Dazon
    3. Yavin flight techs in gray coveralls.
    4. Sgt. Doallyn
    5. Rock N Roll(anybody know this guy's name?)Endor Trooper in Biker Scout Disguise.

    My ships are Sandcrawler for a bigger vehicle and either a Cloud Car w/pilot or a Yavin hangar pilot sled thingie...(we need a definite name for those things, too.) for the smaller ship. If we were including Episode I, I'd want a SITH INFILTRATOR!

    Playset could be any of my sectional playset designs, or stillakid's Death Star.

    And cheers to Lord Tenebrous for wanting a Swilla Corey action figure! Arguably the most obscure character in the entire trilogy!

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    I'd like Moff Jerjerrod, he seems to have escaped everyone else's notice so:
    1) Moff Jerjerrod
    2) ROTJ Jabba
    3) Soft Goods Jedi Luke (with tons of articulation)
    4) Soft Goods Emperor Palpatine

    1) Jabba's Sailbarge
    2) New Landspeeder

    I must express how much I want a Sith Infitrator too, I agree with Rollo!

    1) Jabba's Palace
    2) Death Star
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