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    FS/FT: POTF2, POTJ, Ep. 1 items

    Below is a list of items that I have for sale for the prices stated. I am
    also interested in trading. I am most interested in acquiring 2 of the new
    Playskool X-Wing adventure sets. Only one need to be in a mint package, as
    I intend to open one to take the Vader for my Vader collection and let my
    daughter play with the rest. I am also interested in Vader items,
    especially foreign knockoffs and a mint, loose, complete Vader from the
    Masters of the Darkside 2 pack. LMK if you're interested in anything.

    Item Pkg. Type Cond. Price

    3 " Figs

    Hoth Rebel Soldier .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9- $2.50

    Princess Leia .00 Red Card (3 rings belt) C9.5 $2.50

    Death Star Gunner .01/Coll. 1 Green Card (holo) C9.5 $2.50

    Slave Leia .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

    Admiral Ackbar .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

    Garindan .00/Coll. 3 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

    2-1B .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9.5 $2.00

    Bib Fortuna .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

    AT-ST Driver .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9 $2.00

    Deluxe Luke .00 Red Card C9+ $3.00

    R2-D2 .00 Red Card C9.5 $3.00

    C-3PO .00 Red Card C9 $2.50

    Ketwol .0400 POTJ Card C9.5 $2.50

    Lando Calrissian .0300 POTJ Card C9.5 $5.00

    Mon Calamari Officer .0100 POTJ Card C9.5 $4.00

    Destroyer Droid .0000 Ep. 1 Card C8.5 $3.00

    Mace Windu .0000 Ep. 1 Card C9.5 $4.00

    Yoda .0000 Ep. 1 Card (no text) C9.5 $4.00

    C-3PO .0000 Ep. 1 Card C9.5 $2.50

    Ellorrs Mordak .0400 POTJ Card C9.5 $2.50

    Bespin Sec. Guard .0400 POTJ Card C9.5 $2.50

    Anakin Naboo .0100 Ep. 1 Card C9.5 $3.00

    Luke X-Wing Pilot .0400 POTJ Card C9.5 $3.50

    Han Endor (blue pants) .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9 $2.50

    Rebel Fleet Trooper .01/Coll. 1 Green Card C9.5 $3.00

    Ponda Baba .01/Coll. 3 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

    Weequay .01/Coll. 3 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

    Emperor Palpatine .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

    Ghost Ben White Mailer Sealed $3.00

    Ghost Ben White Mailed Not Sealed $2.50

    Cantine Band Member White Mailer Sealed $12.00

    ASP-7 Droid .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9.5 $3.00

    Lando Skiff .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

    Nein Numb .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9 (price sticker on bubble) $2.00

    Lando General .00/Coll. 1 FF Card C8 (warping to card) $1.50

    EV-9D9 .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9 (price sticker on bubble) $2.00

    Han Bespin .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

    Endor Rebel Soldier .00/Coll. 1 FF Card C9.5 $3.00

    Ewok Celeb. Leia .00/Coll. 1 FF Card C9.5 $2.50

    Han Endor (blue pants) .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9- $2.00

    Gamorrean Guard .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9 (price sticker on bubble) $2.50

    Malakili (Rankor Keeper) .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9 (price sticker on
    bubble) $1.50

    Saelt Marae (Yak Face) .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9.5 (price sticker on
    bubble) $2.50

    Deluxe Hoth Rebel Soldier .00 Green Card C9.5 $3.00

    Gunner Station Luke .00 C9.5 $2.50

    R2 w/Leia Holo .0000 Comm. Chip Card C9.5+ $25.00

    Greedo .0000 Comm. Chip Card C9.5- $1.50

    Cantina Han .0000 Comm. Chip Card C9.5 $1.50

    Jawa w/Gonk Droid .0000 Comm. Chip Card C9.5 $2.00

    Chewie Mechanic .0300 POTJ Card C9.5 $2.50

    Bespin Esc. Leia .0300 POTJ Card C9.5 $2.50

    Sneak Preview Mace Windu White Mailer Sleeve C10 (sealed in mailer sleeve)

    Deluxe Probe Droid LOOSE C9.5 $4.00

    Complete Galaxy

    Luke w/Tatooine MISB C8.5 box $8.00

    12" Figures

    Amidala in Red Senate Gown C9.5 (MISB) $14.00

    Cinema Scenes

    Mynock Hunt MISB (Trilogo box) C9.5 $30.00


    Luke's Skyhopper Mint, loose $5.00

    Rebel Blockade Runner Mint loose w/box Box is C9 as has orig. internal Pkg. contents $7.50
    Always looking for rare and unique Vader items (including, but not necessarily limited to, licensed and unlicensed foreign (to US) pieces). Please email me if you have any such items for sale or trade.

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    I interested in the following.

    Rebel blockade runner
    Endor RebelTooper(FF)
    Ewok Cel Leia (FF)
    Rebel Fleet trooper
    At-st (GC)
    DS Gunner (GC)

    Any loose figures?

    PLMK -> PM
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