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    What does your Collection consist of?

    Hey guys, ive been trying to get more action into this forum lately
    so heres another topic

    what does your collection consist of?

    For me as of right now I collect all POTF2 items except exclusives
    and items not found anywher in the movies (see deluxe figuresand EU)

    my 3 3/4' loose figure set is compleete. im very happy about that
    my beasts and vehicles are about 60% compelte
    then theres some things like gunner stations and such i require
    im thking about also collecting the basic assortment of the 12 inch figures but am undecided on that currently.

    i figure after im done with the POTF2 line ( will be a while )
    ill move into other areas , probably POTJ figures , then the prequels

    how bout u guys?


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    My collection cosists of whatever it is i like at the time.
    So it is pretty broad band!!!
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    i dont have many potf or potf2, i have ep1s potjs and other series. i have all but like one or two ep2, all but about three potj, and several ships and beasts
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    I have a completeclooection of all 3' 3/4 figures either loose or carded. I also have all the ships and beasts and playsets. I have very few 12" figs unless they were cheap. I am more of a 3" 3/4 collector. I have multiples of almost every figure and I am an army builder.

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    I only collect what I like (and can afford, doh!) from POTF2 to POTJ (soon also E-II when they finally arrive in france)

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    I collect 3-3/4"(fig's, ships, etc...- POTF2 to present only), the 12" Action Collection, and have recently started collecting the Hamilton plate collection, along w/ the SW books and comics, action fleet (but not MM).

    My POTF2 collection is almost complete, but there are a few stand-outs that I don't have like Admiral Motti and Commtech Leia.
    I need about 25% of the E1 line, and my POTJ line is complete.
    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

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    like TK421...

    Whatever I like at the time. I collected EVERYTHING when potf2 started, but I fell behind due to bad distro. Now I only get stuff I really need- amanaman was my last, and I'm trying real hard to wait for versions of AOTC stuff that I really love. Jango's the only temtation right now, but some of the other versions coming later look leagues better than the current one.
    I don't have any 12" , and don't really have room for vehicles.
    I like zam's speeder, it might be the first vehicle since speeder bike to enter my collection.
    I guess what I mean is I'm pretty fussy- there's only so many dengars you can really want, if ya follow.
    PS- it's not a problem, but have any of the other Canadians here noticed how many people from other places are using this forum? Obviously they've never gone shopping for SW figures here, eh?!?
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    Figures, beasts and vehicles in the lines...


    a couple 12" figures

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    i got some stuff.
    its fairly assorted but its just what i like.

    i got a lot of SW lego, many loose figs from potf2, potj, ep I, and some of the new preview figs, a 12 inch luke and speederbike, a bit of vintage.

    nothing much really compared to some of you i'm sure.
    it still makes me happy though
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Wut eye cullect

    I collect anything from the 33/4" lines. There are probably half a dozen figures that I don't have since '95 and some vehicles. I try to get everything but I get a little discouraged by the crappola distribution we get up here and the low value of our dollar(when I buy online to plug the gaps). Also pick up the odd vintage item and, if I really like the figure, 12" stuff.
    I'm not sure if I will buy all of the AOTC figures. I was a bit disappointed by EP1 and still bought the toys but I don't know if it will be the same this time around. Hopefully the movie will rock and leave me no choice but to max out the credit cards.
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