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    Why don't the MTT's shoot at Qui-Gon?

    While he's running from them in the Naboo swamp?

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    its a droid controlled ship, it probably didnt even see him, either that or it was waiting to get clearence, or something stupid like that.
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    He was running between the guns and RIGHT in front of the vessel, I don't think the MTT could hit a target that close. I also agree with Bryant, I don't think it noticed him.
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    Didn't see?

    I'd have to agree with that thought as well. I don't believe the MTTs were there to track anything down... just to get the troops where they needed to go. It was the STAPs jobs to "patrol" the area.
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    Even if it could see him, and if he was in firing range, I don't think they would've seen him as any kind of threat just then anyway; they didn't shoot at any of the animals in the way either.

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    Or Jar-Jar and he was just standing there in a clearing. Plus I think it was one of the smaller MTTs that I think carried Droidekas so they were probably in a rush to get to Theed.
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