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    Kamino erased, and Sola Naberrie cut.

    Two reports from Episode-X:

    Yoda and the Younglings:

    Obi-Wan walked through the main hallway of the Jedi Temple to the training area. He comes out onto the veranda and stops. He watches twenty or so four year olds doing training exercises, supervised by Jedi Master Yoda. The younglings wear helmets over their eyes and try to strike little training droids with their miniature lightsabers. The droids dance in front of them.

    “Don't as one with the Force,” says Yoda, encouraging the younglings. “Help you, it will.” He notices Obi-Wan enter. “Younglings – enough! A visitor we have. Welcome him.”
    The children take off their helmets and turn off their lightsabers.
    “Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, meet the mighty Bear Clan.”
    “Welcome, Master Obi-Wan!” the children say.
    “I am sorry to disturb you, Master,” apologies Obi-Wan.
    “What help to you, can I be?” asks Yoda.
    “I’m looking for a planet described to me by an old friend. I trust him. But the system doesn’t show up on the archive maps.”
    “An interesting puzzle,” says Yoda as he gathers the younglings around the map reader. “Master Obi-Wan has lost a planet. Find it, we will try…”

    The map reader is a small shaft with a hollow opening at the top. The children gather around it. Obi-Wan takes out a little glass ball and places it into the bowl. The window shades close darkening the room and the reader lights up, projecting the star map hologram into the room. The children laugh. Some of them reach up to try and touch the nebulae and stars. Obi-Wan walks into the display.

    “This is where it ought to be…” points out Obi-Wan, “ but it isn’t. Gravity is pulling all the stars in this area inward to this spot. There should be a star here… but there isn’t.”
    “Most interesting,” replies Yoda. “Gravity’s silhouette remains, but the star and all its planets have disappeared. How can this be?”
    There is a brief pause. Then a child puts its hand up. Yoda nods.
    “Because someone erased it from the archive memory,” says JK Burtola.
    The rest of the children join in, “That’s right! Yes! That’s what happened! Someone erased it!”
    Mari Amithest speaks up. “If the planet blew up, the gravity would go away.”
    “Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is. Uncluttered, ,” chuckles Yoda as Obi-Wan stares at the spot. “To the center of the pull of gravity go, and find your planet you will.
    “But Master Yoda,” replies Obi-Wan, “who could have erased information from the archives? That’s impossible, isn’t it?”
    Yoda frowns. “ Much harder to answer, that question is.”
    Typical. A brilliant Dooku outdone by a four-year-old. We saw a picture of some of this, the one with Yoda in the center, and a child in each corner...

    And now for a cut scene:

    I was devastated when I heard that the gorgeous Claudia Karvan announced she was cut from Attack of the Clones. Well, hopefully she will be back for EpIII.

    Anyway, Pink Floyd has sent us part of the scene that has been supposedly cut.

    The scene takes place in the dining room of the Naberrie family house. Padme, Sola, and Jobal are clearing the table from lunch.
    "Why haven't you told us about him?" asks Sola.
    "What's there to talk about?" replies Padme, " He's just a boy."
    "A boy?" questions Sola, "Have you seen the way he looks at you?"
    "Sola - stop it!"
    "It's obvious he has feelings for you," she taunts. "Are you saying, little baby sister, that you haven't noticed?"
    "I'm not your baby sister, Sola. Anakin and I are friends… our relationship is strictly professional." Padme turns to her mom. "Mom, would you tell her to stop it?"
    Sola begins to laugh. "Well, maybe you haven't noticed the way he looks at you. I think you're afraid to."
    "Cut it out," says Padme, as Sola continues to tease her.
    "Sola's just concerned…" states Jobal, "we all are."
    "Oh, Mom, you're impossible," replies Padme. "What I'm doing is important."
    "You've done your service, Padme. It's time you had a life of your own. You're missing so much!"

    I won't miss it much.
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    Cool news, thanx Lord Tenebrous!

    I can't wait to see the holographic map reader!


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    “Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, meet the mighty Bear Clan.”
    O ho! A scintiallating glimpse into the structure of the Jedi Order.
    Smaller children work in "clans" before being chosen as Padawans for mano a mano training with a Master Jedi. The Rubber Cat wants to know if these are clans with long histories like the four houses of Harry Potter or if each new clan comes up with their own name. What clan was Obi Wan a part of? Qui Gon? Are there bears in the Star Wars galaxy? No Nurff clans? No Rancor clans? These and other expanded universe quizzes, the Rubber Cat wants answered. Heh hoo!

    2. I eagerly await your magnificent knowledge as always, oh great lore masters of the Star Wars Saga. NNNNGGGGGGG!!! Hoo hah!

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    I hope it's not like Harry Potter, Rawlings would probably jump at the chance to get money out of the mighty Lucas. Plus HP stuff in SW would be... theres no word bad enough to describe it.

    So a scene with Padme was cut, let's go on to something important.

    "Don't as one with the Force." - Yoda
    Cool connection with Obi-Wan training Luke with that Remote on the Falcon. Should be quite an interesting scene.
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    Yes, but Rawlings herself is rather evil....

    You know the whole truth about the harry potter thing, don't you? Some other woman came up with the idea but she was poor; Rawlings blatantly stole her idea verbatim, and her high-priced laywers assured that the victim would have no say in the matter. Or something like that.

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    Are there bears in the star wars universe? Rubber Cat touched on this, and I think its interesting that they would put something of realistic values (like real animals) and insert them into the star wars universe.

    I have no real problem with the Harry Potter craze, I try to distance myself from the world at large. I do think Rawlings is a very greed person though. I don't think I'd like her very much.
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    I guess there could be bears, considering horse statues are seen at Theed Palace, and then theres those Koohun (sp?) centipedes, not too mention Yoda's snake.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
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    There's also quite a few humans in the SW galaxy too.
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    Yes! Yes!

    Captain Pancakes mentioned a duck in TPM as did Obi-Wan in the novelisation of ANH and Luke thought of a dog he once owned in the same book.
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    Awesome scene with Yoda and the "Bear Clan" kind of like..Boy Scouts?

    Its a shame that Dooku is shown-up by a four year old.I'm suspecting he wanted Obi-Wan to find out,(Remember "Join me,Obi-Wan,and together we can destroy the Sith),so Obi
    could help Dooku with a little project
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