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    I'd still rather have authentically styled interiors.

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    I'm still trying to find the original!! But I think this is a good idea - I like the 'Naboo Starship' idea - it would work.
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    I too had this idea many years ago but did not do anything about it until last year when I decided - To make my own Star Destroyer.

    You can see it displayed as the COTW 200th on Rebel Scum and or check out the photos I have taken throughout production:

    Although not finished with still much detailling to do I am sure you will agree it was worth making. At over 2 metres long the ISDI is big enough to house over 100 figures and several vehicles, namely Tie fighters. It has a ramp that lowers to the floor and can grab the Milenium Falcon and lift it inside. With many rooms including the Bridge and Vader's chamber kids are going to love playing with it - I know I do!

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    I'm looking at Hasbro's track record in the playset dept. recently.

    Carbon freeze?

    Arena playset?

    I think it'd be better if they just leave this one a pipe dream. No sense in doing it, if your going to do it halfass. i'd rather wait until somebody who is seriously passionate about toys and fun and not simply the bottom line is running the Star Wars line at Hasbro before they take a crack at this one.
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    Stillakid, I found this thread through your link in the new Millennium Falcon thread.

    I plan on building a star destroyer for my figures if Hasbro doesn't make one.

    I disagree on the MicroMachines aspect of your plan however. The TIE Bomber vehicle has bent wings and is not nearly so tall as even the underscale TIE fighter.

    I plan on making my main docking bay fit that single vehicle. The neck can have an elevator like the vintage Death Star playset. The bridge will be right where it should be. Vader's meditation chamber could be at the base of the neck.

    There are other things I want to do with my plans, but they are very similar to your idea as well, so I don't think I need to go into them.

    I pretty much like your line of reasoning with this though.
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    I don't want one. whatever they did it would look stupid. the ship is just too big to scale down and have it be an ok vehicle. there's nothing much happens on the thing in the movies. I find the imperial capital ships really boring. like I said in another thread i can't imagine hasbro tackling a full vehicle any bigger than the tantive IV and even then they'd scale it down to millenium falcon size. you couldn't do that to a star destroyer without it looking really sad and pathetic.

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    If I build this privately (and out of scale - but large enough to hold the TIE Bomber), I think I pre-measured it at 9 feet.

    Yeah, Hasbro would not fit this into their brick-and-mortar plan.

    However, companies like SideShow, Medicom, and Hot Toys specialize in selling these high-end things.

    Another company could sub-contract with Hasbro (since it'd have to be made for their figures) and then take pre-orders for it with non-refundable deposits, too.

    If the ship was a $500 purchase, and you had to pay $90 up front as a non-refundable charge... (that's almost 20% down), there you go.

    If people backed out of the purchase later, they could have a sale: $90 off the list price, or Star Destroyer for $410.

    Considering what people pay for the premium format figures and life-size statues...

    I realize that finding "display space" would be the one other objection to this vehicle. I'd MAKE THE ROOM somehow. But it is a major concern, as I know that if one of you WON THIS FREE OF CHARGE, you still might hesitate when they ask you where to ship it.
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