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    Thumbs up Star Destroyer!!

    Based on the idea for the Death Star playset, a redesigned Star Destroyer is a must. It could easily be the size of the Queen's ship and look pretty authentic on the outside...

    ...and when you remove the exterior panels, you've got maximum playability inside. With a slightly shorter profile than the vintage edition, Vader's meditation chamber could easily be fit in near the back where the tower is. Add in a main bridge area and we're good to go.

    The underside "docking area" obviously wouldn't be big enough to fit a 3 3/4" scale vehicle, but then again there aren't any! Instead, Micromachines could slide in to fulfill the need for flight play.

    The engines could house blue lights.

    There could be a hatch coming from the tower which "releases" garbage and is big enough for the Micromachines Slave I.

    Skip the ridiculous big dart firing guns and integrate that technology into the front end or sides of the ship if necessary.

    Reactor balls on the towers could be "explodable" to recreate ROTJ fun!

    Who wouldn't buy this ship? The only reason I can imagine being hit with is that the Queen's ship didn't sell that well. First off, the movie wasn't as well received as the original trilogy so that might have something to do with it. Secondly, practically everybody alive (allow slight exaggeration) knows what a Star Destroyer is. Reluctant parents on the Queen's ship would probably cave in to Jr's wishes on this one.

    C'mon, who's with me?

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    You read my mind!
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    Thanks! I think it's a pipe dream so I'm wondering what it would take to construct this thing at home. Maybe if I reshaped the Queen's ship somehow...

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    Thumbs up

    I would much prefer that the Star Destroyer be made sectional and able to be put together as the collectors see fit.
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    I am thinking that it would have to be bigger than the Queens ship.
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    I think that the size of the Queen's ship is just about right. Any bigger and kids will have a hard time "flying" it around as a ship.
    Extra play area would come from the added width and extra height created by the wedge shape.

    If you're looking just for a standard playset, that's a whole different kind of generic design and doesn't necessarily have to look like an authentic ship from the outside. Just as with the Death Star plans, I think that people are more prone to buying expensive items if they look more like what they saw in the movie instead of being just plastic walls.

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    If they are going to make it, they should make it near size to scale with the figures, so it doesn't cost alot they could sell it in pieces!
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    I would rather have a really well made bridge playset with control decks in the floor and stuff.

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    I'm sensing that nobody else liked the concept that they began in 1977 of making full multi-use playsets like the Millenium Falcon, the Death Star and the Sandcrawler. I figured that we'd be more apt to buy real spaceships rather than more plastic walls. Hmm. Guess I'm on my own. Where's the glue?

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    This is going way out on a limb(WAY OUT)...Hasbro could build an almost to scale version of the ship and instead of Hasbro working on the packaging of this behemoth, have the ship broken down into small sections and sold seperately ie. the bridge,the cargo bay etc. and when you get all of the parts, it fits together to make one Star Destroyer! Way out there sorry had to mention it but this was something I dreamt along time ago.....


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