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    Rose Pedals in Toilets?

    I just had to spill this out to the public so that everyone will know what a complete and utter loser Barbara Streisand is!!!

    While listening to the news on the radio today, it was said that Barabara Streisand WILL NOT stay at any hotel (when on tour) that won't put FLOATING ROSE PEDALS in her TOILET

    GIGANTA: A robot that automatically produces fun!

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    . . . not that I needed another reason to think Babs is a "loser" . . .

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    Reminds me of a game they used to have at Spencer's a long time ago. It was small paper cut-outs of Battleships, Subs, Destroyers, etc., all with targets in the middle of the boats. You set them in the toilet and pee'd on them to sink 'em. Quite fun, really.

    Dear God!!!......I just got a disturbing image!!

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    Howdy's Mom "Honey, what are you doing in there?"
    Howdy "Nothin mom!"
    HM "You've been in there for 15 minutes, I'm comming in."
    Howdy "No mom, don't!"
    HM "WHAT IS THAT?!?!"
    Howdy "I just sunk my battleship."

    That is a disturbing thought!
    Dar' is no longer "Live in Orlando" . . . he may "Not be in Orlando" either . . .
    You're slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.

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    Actually, what I said was "That's my Destroyer!" .....arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhh!!

    I know.....I know, JT:


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    awww man...that's old news. anyone who listens to limbaugh knew this years ago.
    Last edited by derek; 03-30-2002 at 02:05 PM.

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    The Rubber Cat does not know what is more disturbing:

    A. Deoxyribonucleic searching for Babs' weird habits on-line.

    B. Emperor Howdy and his toilet warfare tactics.


    C. derek listening to Rush Limbaugh.

    The Rubber Cat strongly urges you all to choose.

    And I think you 5. meant to type "petals" Deoxy. Not "pedals".

    I won't presume your ignorance and explain the difference between the two, as that would come off snarky and snide. A simple syntactical error which we've all had happen to us.

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    derek likes how the rubber cat refers to himself in the third person. reminds derek of that seinfeld episode where george was doing it the whole show.


    derek wants to know what's wrong with limbaugh?

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    For derek's 9. edification and enjoyment, You, the Rubber Cat, will now refer to yourself in the second person.

    You enjoy Rush as comedic entertainment, but there are too many ignorants out there who swallow his conservative right wing lies as the only truth, and don't realize he skews and slants that truth to make his point. You don't think of Rush as a bigot or a moron, but you remember a friend who had a father who listened to Rush and he WAS a bigot and a moron, so you, The Rubber Cat, often associate Limbaugh's listenership with ignorant undesirables. You don't mean to imply derek is an ignorant redneck and you are apologetic if that's how you came across. You know derek is very articulate and knowlegeable about "...a great many things."

    Hoo hah!

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    I'm starting to like the Rubber Cat. There's a certain familiarity to his humor.


    Here's who he ISN'T:

    CrossWizard, darthcarlos, derek, Emperor Howdy, Fulit, good shot jansen, Grail, Jacen Solo, JarJarBinks, jedi_uk73, odb, Pendo, princethomas, richkulach, RobertDD, Sean the Hutt, SithDroid

    Notice Rollo or Jargo's name isn't on the list....hmmmmmm....


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