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    Insider #55

    I finally got a chance to read the interview with Samuel L. Jackson in the latest issue of Insider.

    He's confirmed there's to be much more action (akin to what we experienced in ANH) in EpII. I hope so! From his statements in the interview, I am hoping that EpII will be the "new" ESB with regards to the prequels. Just a feeling I have.....I hope I won't be disappointed in Jackson's disclosures!

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    I think the chances of "another" ESB are slim. If it's even possible, I think Episode III is the one that might come the closest.

    I wonder if AotC would work better as Episode I ?

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    If AOTC is even close to being like ANH I'll be happy!!!

    I'll save my ESB expectations for E3
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    TeeEye, you made that post almost a year ago!
    Well, how does that article compare to what you saw in the film?

    I think Sammy was right about the movie having a lot of action . . . but it's too bad much of his own stuff got cut.


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