this collection will be going up on Ebay in a week but i thought i would give you guys a shot at the stuff here....i will be trading any star wars 3 3/4" or 12" figures and ships....if you see something you like in my collection, let me know and a list of what you got, im mostly looking for POTF2,POTJ,and just 1 damn sio bibble.....they dont have to be carded but i like opening....if loose i need them complete and c9 for display.
i need to fill in huge gaps in my collection, and i plan on selling this whole collection as a lot on Ebay, so i can buy more star i figured id give you guys a chance at it and me get some star wars i need, but after a week it goes up on ebay. dont have to get everything, if you see just one figure you want mail me.

there is some vintage star wars parts in here.

email me