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    Question Missing Figures!

    Where is Palpatine? I want a Chancellor Palpatine Figure!

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    He was at Toyfair, or do you mean why he isn't in stores?

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    When I was a child, my Mother always taught me that "I want gets nothing" Say your pleases and thank yous and people will treat you better.

    Palpatine will be released as a figure soon enough. Be patient little one. Want is the path to the dark side of the force. Want leads to ungrateful, ungrateful leads to indignant, indignant leads to a slap upside your head!

    palpatine I think comes out in summer. So what's that - 2nd or third quarter? Think July. If you think July and he comes out sooner you'll be happy. If he comes out later you'll have made it to July and it won't be too long to wait until he does come out. No sense in throwing a wobbly because that would just use up energy that could be used in trying to find the rest of the stuff that is coming out sooner. Hope this proved to be helpful in some small way. I just LURVE to be helpful.

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    Angry WHAT?

    Who in the world do you think you are? It is a simple post! I asked where he was and stated I wanted one. And don't call me little one. You must be quite a "big" person to go around calling others little. This probably shows of your pathetic life. I don;t care if the Palpatine figure comes ten years from now, I still want one. So you can take your dog and yourself and go speak that way to your pathetic buddies, but not to me. Jerk

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    im sure jargo was just kidding, he probably didnt mean it to be offensive
    Master Obi-Wan has lost a planet, how embarassing. - the great yoda

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    like i care

    I saw no humor in it. You should not talk to others that way, even more so for those you do even know. I took it seriously, and that is how I am going to take it.

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    You can take it any which way you choose. Those who can be bothered to read the forums before demanding facts as you did will understand my sense of humour. Perhaps you should relook at the way in which you post your messages and see that you are brusque and rude and churlish. A request with a please attached goes down much better than a single sentence of demand that makes you sound like a spoilt brat I WANT I WANT I WANT!!! Good manners cost nothing. And if you had half a brain you would see that I was indeed attempting to ofer some helpful information. Although considering that nearly all of us are still in the dark about what's being released and what isn't it was a small wonder that I deigned to respond at all. next time I shan't be so charitable. There are others more deserving of my attention which is starting to wander away from your irritating and boring tirade even as I speak........ You are the weakest link - goodbye.

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    Red face Weirdo

    You are telling me that when I siad "I want a Chancellor Palpatine figure," I was being completely serious in my "demand?"
    Dude, you need to relax, and take a breather. I also want to give you major props for using words like churlish and brusque, it shows alot that you own a thesarus. Do not bother to deny that fact.

    Also you cannot be one to talk about good maners. The way you orginally answered my post shows you lack any manners except those practiced by a moron.

    Lucky for you I have a whole brain, if I did not I would be dead. I saw where you were offering advice in the worst way possible. If you are so "great and kind" to give advice, why don;t you say it nicely.

    So you can go wander away from what I am saying, which is you are loser. I can see this because you quote a game show...that shows big time smart.

    So "please" get lost. Thanks. (now how kind is that) loser

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    Costasnoova I'd like make a suggestion.If you have a problem with something said to you,would you please take it up with them in a PM.
    Jargo's a good egg and didn't mean apparently took offense and that's your business,not ours.Please take it up with them privately.The forums realy shouldn't be a place for arguements of this sort.
    And if Jargo owned a thesaurus all he'd use it for is hitting people.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    If it is not your business, why bother reading it?


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