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    AF Aliens for Alpha

    I am new to the forum, though some of you may know me from the other forums. The MM forums here are alot more active than other sites so I thought I would try here.

    I have a Action Fleet ALIENS Drop Ship and a Narcissus. I am looking for the Alpha Sith Infiltrator and Alpha Droid Starfighter. Anyone interested in trading? Or can you Direct me where I might find these?

    Any help here would be hot!.

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    welcome to ssg s4ast!

    if you paruse around a bit, you'll find that we're terminally lazy, and find some way to abbreviate all names!

    i know someone who has the alpha sith, and i'll talk to him about maybe trading for the drop ship. (no promises though)

    unfortunately tnc is temporarily out of the sith, but as they are currently the only online dealer who not only has a stock of af still on thier virtual shelves, they also don't charge a lot fer em either (when they got em in stock of course)

    check with em periodically, and maybe you'll git lucky there!

    once again, welcome to ssg!
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    Hey GSJ
    I saw your other post about TNC shortly after I finished mine.
    Thanks for the tip!

    My priority is the Droid Starfighter, once I get my hands on it any other trading fodder I have is up for grabs!


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