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    Anyone need the Boshek wave? 3 sets of extras.

    The wave consists of

    R4-M9 printed warning on card

    I need 2 zutton figures.

    I will trade 2 for 2 and if you want to buy the other thats fine.

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    hey i have zutton but i need a bo'shek. 1for 1 is even.

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    already traded for the Zuttons I needed, but I still have some extra of the boshek wave. I also have extra AOTC figures here is the list

    Collection 1
    qty 4 - Jango Fetts (not preview fig)
    qty 1 - Kit Fisto
    qty 3 - super battle droids (with sticker on back)
    qty 1 - r2d2
    qty 1 - obiwan

    Collection 2
    qty 1 - battle droid
    qty 1 - captain Typho
    qty 1 - Tusken Raider female

    email me with offer thanks,

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    how much would they be?
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    Which figures Boshek?

    Boshek Just what I paid for it

    Well I paid $6.99 plus tax for it, so I would sell it for $8.00 plus shipping

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    Talking coll. 1 aotc figures

    hey i am interested in 1 of each of the coll. fig's. send me a detailed list of what you need and i can check my stuff.

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    How much for a Jango Fett?
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