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    New Episode II figs are not the best!

    At Frank & sons, I saw many of the new Ep II figs, and as a whole, the line is very hit and miss. Padme, Anakin, Kit Fisto, and the Typhoid dude (or whatever his name is) are just terrible. The Tuskin female is ...odd. However, the informant alien (forget his name) is spectacular looking.

    Thank goodness the later figs, including Anakin 2 look very, very good.

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    You have a point, the figures as a whole are not the best we have seen from Hasbro. I think that depending each person's individual taste, it's gonna be a tough time for completist collectors who often buy every figure released just to keep the collection up to date, but for simple collecting folks like me, who only buy certain favorite characters(Obi Wan, Plo Koon, Mace, Jango) its gonna be fairly easy to be content with the purchases on April 23rd.
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    That first intial assortment I never liked that much. Anakin, Padme, Obi-Wan, etc. didn't look as good as the ones coming out later on down the road, IMO.

    I'm looking forward to the later Jedis coming out, even though they are one pose wonders, they still look awesome to me.
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    I dont care too much for this assortment also. the sad thing about this is that since this is the main characters (except for the female tuskin raider) we will still see these figures on the shelves a year from now, just like in the past.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    I also saw:

    SuperBattledroid - belongs in 'Lost in Space', if you ask me!

    R2D2 - kinda cool. The electronics may make it more interesting than previous versions. (holo R2 is my fav thus far)

    Nikto Jedi - Awsome!

    C-3p0 - I love all versions of this guy, and absolutely love the concept behind this fig, but the paint deco on the main fig, itself, totally sucks. The armor does look like it will fit on a little bulky, but I don't mind that as much as the awful paint job.

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    I think it's hilarious that a few months ago there was an overwhelming majority of fans going "These are going to ROCK!" and a few people going "Feh."

    And now just about everybody is catching up with Jargo, and JEDIpartnr saying "Bleh..." and they're saying "I told you so... "

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    I hated alot of the concepts for the line then, I hate alot of them now, but not as many...

    Actually on the Super Battle Droid, half belongs in Lost In Space, the other half belongs in Terminator. ;D
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    You said what? WHAT?

    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    I think it's hilarious that a few months ago there was an overwhelming majority of fans going "These are going to ROCK!" and a few people going "Feh."

    And now just about everybody is catching up with Jargo, and JEDIpartnr saying "Bleh..." and they're saying "I told you so... "
    Perhaps a couple of apologies are in order from those who called us really nasty names... I feel vindicated!

    and... "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!"
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    Well way back when we first started 'discussing' these figures and the quality merits of them I gave my first impressions and they were pretty negative. You guys that found stuff early are luckier in the respect that you have a chance to see the stuff for what it really is and tell us who won't see diddly squat until 23rd what they really are like. I have to say that I wonder how a top heavy figure like the SuperBD is supposed to stand when the plastics are so bendy. I like Zams 'feature' that's a nice touch. but I worry about her legs being weak at the joint. She seemed to be collapsing in the pics I saw from toyfair. Sort of doing the splits.

    But, I'm not going to say I told you so even though I did. I get into enough trouble round here without inciting a new riot. I'm going to wait until they all get released properly in all the stores so I can stand for hours scrutinising them and then I'm going to post my thorough opinions and critique. It might get ugly so be warned. As if I'd dare.........

    Actually all I care about right now is that the brown battle droid gets released. he's so cool. Oh and Dexter being the best darned action figure in years. man I love that stained shirt and big fat belly. He's number one on my list followed by Tusken female. Backed up with about one million battle droids. gotta replace the episode one version with this finer detailed one. Shame about the pink spray on it though. Oh well I'll take pink spray ver stupid leg cramp pose any day. But the brown version better get released or else there'll be hell to pay......

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    This is the first time I have really commented on the Ep II figs in any kind of real way beacuse I wanted to see them in person first. These aint POTJ quality (the exceptions being Nikto Jedi and the fat four-armed alien)

    Even the new Jango is kinda odd. Will he have an exposed neck when the helmet is on? Where is his neck-thingee covering the skin?

    Ps, I looked at the new Battle Droid and he looked like a rereleased figure in new packaging.

    I am a completist and don't totally dislike the new line. I do dig the new packaging and am getting used to the huge bubbles, especially if we get more accessories with the figures. I normally buy two of eack, one to open and keep on card. I will, for the first time, be buying just ONE of almost the entire collection I. The first wave of figures are not of the same high quality I came to expect with POTJ.

    However, there is hope Collection II and the 2nd Collection I seem much better, quality-wise.
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