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    Talking Cleveland,OH.......

    Just found all four Deluxe Figures at a K-Mart in Cleveland (of all places). I picked up one set for myself and one for Jedipartnr. They were $10.09 each. All that was left was 2 Jango Deluxe sets. If more people from Cleveland would post we could help each other out finding new AOTC figures ect. HH :happy: :happy: :happy:

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    Thanks JEDI DREW!!!!

    I will pad the Review posts with... I mean-- I will post my reviews of these later this evening.

    I do not post pad.
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    Cleveland STRIKES again... and at K-Mart, too!

    Slave I, Lightsabers and more deluxe figures... oh, and the Jedi Starfighter, too! Whoooo!!!!
    OK... I BLOG. YOU READ. at
    **Steven Sterlekar (1969-2001)**

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    I went to another K-Mart today to get some caulking and was walking down the toy section (to check to see if they had any new AOTC stuff) and they had 4 or 5 pallets of toys. SO........ I decided to look for some new stuff. I found 6 cases of the Deluxe figs. (I have them already), they had 2 cases of the Star Fighter (have it already), 5 cases of lightsabers (I don't collect these) and the new Slave 1. Well, when I seen the Slave 1 box I opened this box with the quickness. I grabbed two for me (one to open and one to keep boxed) and one for JEDIpartnr. On the boxes in red was "Do not put onto sales floor untill April 23rd". OH WELL.. No sign of the basic figures yet...But...THE HUNT IS NOW IN FULL FORCE!!!! HH

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    Not exactly cleveland but columbus is close. The K-mart near me had the ep2 lego's thats it. No figs, no delux, no lightsabers. I have an aunt who lives near cleveland, she actually picks stuff up for me now and then, and I know if the 23rd was a ways off i would have given her a call. But, I can wait.
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    Were Luminara and Taun We hard to find up north? well north of columbus anyways?
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    Those two and the Royal Guard were hard to find on the 23rd. My wife works in Akron and she found the three of these at a Wal-Mart in Akron. Did you or anyone else find Dooku-no one around here has found him. I think maybe is wasn't even released yet.

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    WM in Strongsville had two Snowspeeders as of 1:00 or so today. Nothing new in figures. TRU at Parmatown has Taun We, Luminara, and Royal Guard. They must of just put these out-they had alot of them. But I was talking with two other SW collectors at TRU and they also can't find good old Dooku. Is this figure being packed with Luminara ect.? If so- is it true that it's packed only one to a case? How about some help??? Thanks.

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    My aunt, who picks stuff up for me, lives very near akron if not in. I might ask her to make a run I found plenty of dooku in WM, I'm going again tomorrow, see if they have any left.
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    A fellow collector (and friend) picked up a Dooku for me and one for himself. He found only two of them at Wal-Mart in Medina while shopping with his wife. Now all I would like is the TIE Bomber--untill the next wave of figures comes out (Luke Bespin ect..). Well, HH.


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