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    Thumbs down When Lollipops Go Bad

    What is with the Lollipop goo all over everything.I was looking
    at some pictures at and even JarJars
    senitoral "Staff" has this crud on it.

    And what is with Plo Kloon holding the lipop.Is it supposed
    to be "The Force"?..
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    It's sapposed to be blast effects,jedi lightning effects,etc. They come with all the figures that are coming out now. You can take them off or leave them on. I myself don't care too much for them. When I got my Zam Wessel, I put it on the end of her gun. An hour later I looked at it and it ended up bending her gun really bad.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Same thing happened to me when I put it on Zam's blaster. The barrel if the rifle is so soft it droops a lot with the "blast effect" at the end of the gun. I haven't had a problem though with Jango, Clone Troopers, etc.
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    Yeah, those arn't bad. But the blast effect itself is starting to bend on my Clone Troopers.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Hasbro goes by the 2-second rule. If it stands for two seconds, it's worthy to be packed.

    Jar Jar has to have one of the crummiest accessories ever. It's just an Ep1 electropole (Tarpal's kind) with the electro effect.

    Sure, it makes the bubbles more colorful, and yes, it does look nice in still photos, but I won't be disappointed when the blast/Force effects go away. Rather, I'll like them more when Hasbro goes back to rigid plastic.
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    It would be nice if they came with action stands (like the ones they have over at the Fan Club site) instead of goofy blast effects, force files,and com chips. Even though you can stand your figures on com chips, these action stands are much better and usefull.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Lollipops are defiantly a bad idea. As kid I might find this novel, but not as a collector. So far I haven't had any of them bend a gun, but the Clone Trooper's lipop has bent itself.
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    Hasbro's got their blast effects all screwed up! They're too over sized. For instance; Zam's effect goes better on a Clone Trooper or Battle Droid rifle, and Jango's effects goes well on Zam's rifle (it still bends from the "weight" a little though, have to prop it up) since it's a tiny sniper rifle, not some field blaster rifle. The best effects are Jango's, his guns can support them but, granted they're a little out of proportion but they also look great on the Clone Trooper, Battle Droid and Zam's guns, not too mention Jango's rocket pack.

    The worst effect I think is the energy blasts on the lightsabers. That electricity stuff is ok, I mean you can just put it on your droids and it'll be a little better, but some of their blast effects are just not planned right, like Zam's. Typho's green effect is gonna be longer than his blaster!
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    well, well, well...

    and here's yet ANOTHER thread saying what I and JARGO have been saying all along. I just had this feeling that HASBLAH would screw this up and that the lipops were a bad idea... and it seems as though we were correct. The lipops make the guns droop, THEY droop or they take the paint off the ends of the guns. Nice job.

    I can't understand why they put that crap all over every single figure, InsaneJG. It's one thing to put it on a figure that needs to have it, but to stick it on Dexter or even JarJar is completely foolish. Those "force" effects look equally stupid. It looks so "Wonder Twins"- "I'll use my SUNSHINE powers to get him!" "I'll knock him over with my WATER BLAST!" "While you two are doing that I'll get them with my SPIN CYLCE and we'll clean up this town once and for all!!"
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    What if...

    What if these lipops on the figures were flavored?


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