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    Originally posted by Caesar
    A Gam Guard could be AWESOME ! I can picture him now, so rotund with cloth and leather accessories. They could even do a removable helmet, unless it wouldn't be able to fit his head properly . . . detailed horns and protruding teeth would be cool in the 12" line. Make him, please
    I so totally agree.
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    I for one don't care to see anymore 12" Star Wars...EVER! At least not until Hasbro does them right. They are all poorly detailed, with horrible inaccurate sculpts on HUGE heads, with the same poorly articulated and massively over-muscled bodies that most 12" manufacturers gave up years ago. The 12" market is so big now that I think Hasbro is really missing out with the simple, inaccurate, uninspiring crap Hasbro has been trying to push on us. Look at how cool the Marmit figures look! Why can't all 12" Star Wars figures look at least that good? If you can hear me Hasbro: take a look at what companies like BBI, Dragon, and Sideshow are doing; Star Wars can and SHOULD be at least that good! Hell...the same goes for your recent G.I.Joe crap! Why should I waste my money on your stuff when, for just a little more (and sometimes for the SAME PRICE!) I can buy a figure from Sideshow or Dragon that looks freakin' REAL?

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    It might be safe to assume that you don't have Anakin and Obi-Wan from Attack of the Clones yet.

    I got these figures (and the Clone Trooper) early, but they are amazing!

    One thing I found about "limited poseability" is that the figures DO have an important articulation that's hard to become aware of.

    To get them to double-handle their lightsabers, you have to push up their sleeves almost all the way, there you will see that for whatever reason, their arms are twisted so their elbows don't bend naturally. Simply allign the joint right, and then they will. Now you can pose their arms almost any way you want.

    I think the only other upper-body movement a Hasbro 12" can NOT do, is swivel their arms (on a ball and socket joint) straight upward to their sides (like the Aurra Sing 3 3/4" figure).

    As to the next useful articulation they are lacking? Probably an ankle swivel joint. Common in 21st Century Soldiers, this articulation helps some fighting poses for martial arts moves or for squatting or kneeling in sniper poses. It could be very useful on a Clone Trooper or Boba Fett figure, or Han Solo for that matter - but it should be standard on all 12". As to ball and socket joints by the groin and / or swiveling at the mid-thigh - these are debatable as to how useful they'd be. For a Star Trek figure to sit in the captain's chair - or for the Emperor to sit on his throne, it could be very useful, though old Palpatine doesn't sit "ready for some action" quite like Captain Kirk

    For female figures (a different body mold from head to foot), this becomes more important if they are to sit "lady like." Unfortunately, (or maybe not), I've never undressed 12" Leia figures like Hoth or Bounty Hunter Disguise to learn what kind of body they are using for lady figures, versus the Barbie body that seems to look good (if nothing else) on the "less dressed" Leia's like the Bikini Slave Outfit that came with R2D2. Aesthetically, it looked way better than the single-boxed Slave Leia released later. At least for the reason that she didn't have large, obviously noticeable joints being apparent.

    But some of the articulation I suggested might be useful. Did I forget any?

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    I have seen all the photos of the 12" Anakin, Obi Wan, and Clonetrooper, and unless Hasbro made major changes from the prototypes their heads are all massive and out of proportion. I'd also be willing to set aside my reservations about the articulation on these guys if they'd just use a more appropriate body type. Very few, if any, of the characters in Star Wars have the physique of a bodybuilder. They are just way to inappropriately and inaccurrately bulky, and I think if Hasbro would use a trimmer body type that the costumes would be much easier to get right, and would look infinitely better! I do not have ANY 12" Star Wars figures, which is sad because I actually want them. I just want them done right! I consider the original vintage 12" line to be much more accurate than what we have now. Now those were beautiful! I will admit, though, that the Count Dooku figure looks like a vast improvement over the other figures from what I've seen! He looks Sideshow quality, and they definitely used a thinner body style for the prototype at least. Why can't we get more like that? I admire and appreciate you trying to sell me on the 12 inchers though.

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    When they came out with 12" Han Hoth on TaunTaun, I caved in and said "That's it! I gotta get these!"

    I was able to still find the ones I'd missed at that point, and to this day, collect most of them. (but not all)

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    I saw the prototypes for the E2 12" and was a little disappointed with the Anakin, Obi-Wan and "balloon-headed" Clonetrooper. I sincerely hope you are right Tycho when you say they are amazing, because if they look anything like those horribly misshapen prototypes then I am afraid I will have to pass. Even though I really want the Anakin figure.

    I thought most of the figures for the Ep1 line were very well done, especially the Portrait Edition Amidala and Qui-Gonn figure. He was actually the correct height and didn't use the standard short body that the regular release Qui-Gonn did.

    Same with the Sith Lords 2-pack Vader, very well done. The lack of articulation doesn't really bother me too much, but what really impresses me is the choices of materials they use for the clothing.

    All I really want right now woud be a Podracer Anakin figure with a removable racing helmet and maybe include another podracer as a pack in.

    However, if Hasbro made a 12" Emperor with his throne I would be ecstatic!
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    Caesar: I was almost drooling like a Gamorrean over your description of a 12" Action Collection one! Wow that would be awesome!

    However, this is Hasbro - with the cost put in for the new molds obviously required for the Gamorrean's unique build - he's going to be all plastic like Watto was, if they do him. (I'd bet). However, what a great sculpt it would be (at least!).

    Anyway, the latter is the version they could sell for $20. The one with all the extras sounds like an exclusive with a high price tag to me. But heck: I'd pay for that kind of quality! Are you in Ceasar?

    Let's get him!
    Oh, I'm in alright. I really like the 12" line, and even though I don't collect much from it, there are some characters that (if done well) would put themselves in my cart. Gam Guard is one, as well as 2-1B and FX-7. Bossk is a good example, when I found the bounty hunter wave he was an automatic purchase. The other mercenaries needed some consideration.

    On 4/23, the first two items I'm grabbing are 12" Anakin and Obi-Wan.

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    after you pick those two dudes up, mosey on over to the military area and get you some 21st century super soldier carded figures so you can play dr. frankenstein.


    i hear ya brother! i've been complaining about this same thing for what seems like forever, or actually a few years ago when dragon started up. these sculpts are actually pretty good, and after you toss the 1993 hasbro body and slap the head on a super soldier body, you'll be satisfied. it aint BBI or dragon, but they are improving.


    didn't both versions of the slave leia have the barbie bodies? i'm sure they did, but mine now have g.i. jane bodies.
    where did you hear anything about a episode 2 padme? i'm hoping for this one, but i hope they scrap the barbie body. my biggest complaint about the portrait edition amidala in battle outfit is that the clothes won't fit on anything else, they are too tight. all my other leia figures now have the jane body.

    as for the 12 inchers i'd really like to see:

    1. nute gunray
    2. captain panaka
    3. naboo pilot
    4. rebel fleet trooper
    5. jabba with throne(electronics in throne)
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    I would like to just see A Chewbacca that didn't look like a chocolate bunny or my cats last hair ball...
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    At this stage I would be happy if Hasbro even released the latest 12" figures in Australia. People are saying that it will be this month, but with only one day to go I can't see this happening.


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