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    Wow. This thread was old.

    Now as you know:

    1) Geonosian Warrior - pictures are up of this one already! Looks great!

    2) Jedi Council Members will "supposedly" all be produced for Fan Club exclusives. Ki-Adi Mundi has arrived already, Plo Koon, SaeSee Tiin, and Eeth Koth are pretty much confirmed. Some will have to be female. Luminara is NOT a Council Member though. Adi Gallia (would be my first choice), Depa Billaba, Yaddle, and Shaak-Ti are all ladies (in one degree or another). It will depend if they mean ALL JCM's or specifically those from TPM or AOTC. The current group produced or *confirmed* doesn't tell us anything, as they were all on the Council in both movies.

    3) Padme in white is being made. The pilot outfit would be cool as a 12 inch, but I'd prefer portrait editions of her more elaborate outfits.

    4) From the list Mini-Rock made, I like:

    Chancellor Palpatine (I also want the Senator Palpatine 12" done)
    Mas Ameeda (Sly Moore would look cool - but this is getting obscure)
    Poggle the Lesser
    Boba Fett (would be so easy to do w. the 6" Anakin body - a MUST!)
    Cliegg, Owen, & Beru (also adult Owen and Beru from ANH) - hope!!!
    Senator JarJar Binks (It will look nice so you can tolerate it)

    The Tusken Female in a 12" could look cool, I like the design, while I know others of you don't. But while I'd buy it, it's really unnecessary.

    Jocasta Nu is just not going to happen (I hope). I wouldn't buy her.

    Tuan We and Lamma Su? Hmmm. They'd be tall! I guess I'd like these. They're not a priority, but I would definitely buy them. I'm just not going to cry for them, petition for them, or whatever. In the more obscure category, I'd rather have the Lars family. There's more emotional attachment going on for me with those characters.
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    Yeah, I know alot of those would never happen, but I just don't want 4 of the same character (Qui-Gon) with so many other characters that could possibly be made.

    What do you think about the electronic Yoda & dooku?

    I know, this thread is old, but I didn't feel I should start a new one about the same subject.

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    Good thinking about the thread stuff.

    Also, nice to see that you also don't like multiple 12" redeaux like Qui-Gon and Maul seemed to have.

    Finally, electronic Yoda and Dooku?

    It's not to my personal taste, but yes I'd buy them.

    I haven't taken to Dooku's character too much - I did like him and I love that 12" we just got! But I'm in no hurry to see another one of him. Now if a 12" Dooku had the Dark Side Lightning effect - that would be awesome!

    Yoda, were he electronic, would be much better giving his training lessons to Luke, if he were able to say quotes from the movie and such. If the lightsaber lit up, I might want this more.

    I'd like an electronic Darth Sidious myself. He just needs to be able to say his lines from the film.

    Nute Gunray and Rune Haako from TPM and electronic would also make me laugh. The same goes for Nute from "Clones."
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    Good thinking about the thread stuff

    I feel the same way about Dooku as well. I guess I just liked the interaction between Yoda & Dooku, but I also like your idea. I'd buy either.

    An electronic Sideous would be ok, but we already have an electronic Palpatine, and except for different dialog, they would be pretty much the same thing. I also doubt we would see any 12" Sideous figure until after EP3.

    As for Nute and Rune, I'd buy it.

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    This is a great thread as I had NO intention of collection the 12" line, at least back when it was first reintroduced, and frankly, stunk! Then came Lando (one of the first outside of Imperial troops or costume variations of core characters) that was not represented in the original ("vintage") line. Well, Lando opened the door for more and was soon joined by Tarkin, R5-D4, Tusking Raider, Yoda, and more. And once IG-88, 4-LOM, and (one I'd wanted for ages) Bossk joined the line up, and there was the promise of Dengar and Zuckuss, I really got keen on the 12" line. I even had to go back and find myself an electronic Boba Fett to flesh out the line up of bounty hunters, since I did not think the vintage Boba was awkward with the newer figures. So now that I am collecting at least some of the line (like the recently acquired Ki Adi Mundi and Count Dooku), I am keen to see the following enter into my collection:

    2-1B, Destroyer Droid, Momaw Nadon, Nute Gunray, Weequay, R4-M9, Lama Su, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Nein Nunb, Ree-Yees, Gamorrean Guard, Dr. Evezan, Lobot, Dexter Jetster, Feltipernn Trevagg (I know, I know, we need a 3.75" one TOO!), and a Bantha!

    Also, we need an IMPROVED Greedo.

    Those are my primary choices. Now, I do want most, if not all, of the Jedi Council (I fear that Adi Galia, Depa Bilaba, and Shaak Ti will have the current "Barbie" bodies, so I am not much looking forward to them unless Hasbro finally wakes up and makes a decnet female body that is an ACTION FIGURE and NOT a doll!), but I did not mention them above to asway the stream of replies reminding me that the Fan Club at least appears intent on producing that particular group as exclusives. I know this, and yes, I do know that some of the above, like the Gamorrean Guard, have at least been rumored. No need for anyone to pad their post numbers (as no one really cares how many posts you have made, honest) with messages that say as much.
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    Will the new Annie have robes?


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