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    Obi-Wan Kenobi : Hanger Duel.

    Definately needs to be made.

    Pack him with the Column (with 2 clear stands so that it looks like Yoda is raising it off them) that Dooku trys to push on to him and Anakin, and put a lightsaber cut in his arm and leg, and make it so he can hold his lightsaber with both hands.

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    ... and also, give him some articulation!! he did fight in this scene after all, he should be able to hold a lightsaber and stand up straght!!
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    I want a Hangar Duel Obi-Wan but without the Battlewounds
    or if you could hide those good he could come with them too
    some really good articulation would be nice and some electro stuff to wrap around his saber (to reeneact the scene with dooku)
    man that obi-wan would rock
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    I thought I posted on this thread already (but my computer was screwing up last night, so it might not have gotten through). I'd like to see his in a screen scene, which I will now elaborate upon in a new thread.
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