Dear Hasbro:

This is a list of the 12" you can do that I think would sell!

They are all from figures you have already made for the 3 3/4" line, but new 12" ones would ROCK!

So Make 'Em!


Momaw Nadon

Hoth Rebel Soldier

Probot (once planned)

21B & FX-7 (2 pack)

Lando Skiff Guard (once on your list before!)

Rebel Fleet Trooper

Garindan (once on your list before)

Weequay (once on your list before)

Gamorrean Guard (once on your list before)

Nien Numb

Dr. Evazan

Uncle Owen / Aunt Beru 2-pack

Endor Rebel Trooper

Leia Ewok Princess

Lando Alliance General

Lak Sivrak


Ishi Tibb (on the 12", go ahead and make the Rebel agent)

Admiral Piett (should have been in this wave with Zuckuss / Dengar)

General Veers (with Hoth accessories option)


Mon Mothma / General Madine (2 pack)

Leia Bespin Gown

Leia Endor Gear




Nabrum Leids





Max Rebo (supposedly confirmed)
Droopy McCool (Supposedly confirmed)
Sy Snootles (supposedly confirmed)

Ephont Mon



Battle Droid on STAP

SENATOR Palpatine (once planned - so please make him!)

Darth Sidious (electronic once rumored - please!!!)


Ki Adi Mundi (supposedly confirmed)

Anakin Skywalker (Jake Lloyd as Padawan)

Nute Gunray (once planned)

Rune Haako

Destroyer Droid (supposedly confirmed)

Master Yoda - with 2 legs and lightsaber!

Adi Gallia

Captain Panaka

Naboo Royal Security

Naboo Royal Guard

Queen Pre-Senate

Queen Post-Senate

Queen Theed Ceremony

Gungan Warrior

Plo Koon (supposedly confirmed)

SaeSee Tiin

Shmi Skywalker

Eeth Koth


Padme Arena Battle (supposedly confirmed)

C-3PO with junk coverings

Kit Fisto

Tusken Mother with Child

Boba Fett (E2) - with Jango 2 pack?

JarJar Senator

Dexter Jettster

Geonosian Warrior (winged)

Chancellor Palpatine

Clone Commander (supposedly confirmed)

Zam Wessel

Orm Fre Taa


And I can think of others, but you already made figures of these in the 3 3/4" size. Now make them bigger!

Let the fun begin!