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    12" I'd like to see happen!

    Dear Hasbro:

    This is a list of the 12" you can do that I think would sell!

    They are all from figures you have already made for the 3 3/4" line, but new 12" ones would ROCK!

    So Make 'Em!


    Momaw Nadon

    Hoth Rebel Soldier

    Probot (once planned)

    21B & FX-7 (2 pack)

    Lando Skiff Guard (once on your list before!)

    Rebel Fleet Trooper

    Garindan (once on your list before)

    Weequay (once on your list before)

    Gamorrean Guard (once on your list before)

    Nien Numb

    Dr. Evazan

    Uncle Owen / Aunt Beru 2-pack

    Endor Rebel Trooper

    Leia Ewok Princess

    Lando Alliance General

    Lak Sivrak


    Ishi Tibb (on the 12", go ahead and make the Rebel agent)

    Admiral Piett (should have been in this wave with Zuckuss / Dengar)

    General Veers (with Hoth accessories option)


    Mon Mothma / General Madine (2 pack)

    Leia Bespin Gown

    Leia Endor Gear




    Nabrum Leids





    Max Rebo (supposedly confirmed)
    Droopy McCool (Supposedly confirmed)
    Sy Snootles (supposedly confirmed)

    Ephont Mon



    Battle Droid on STAP

    SENATOR Palpatine (once planned - so please make him!)

    Darth Sidious (electronic once rumored - please!!!)


    Ki Adi Mundi (supposedly confirmed)

    Anakin Skywalker (Jake Lloyd as Padawan)

    Nute Gunray (once planned)

    Rune Haako

    Destroyer Droid (supposedly confirmed)

    Master Yoda - with 2 legs and lightsaber!

    Adi Gallia

    Captain Panaka

    Naboo Royal Security

    Naboo Royal Guard

    Queen Pre-Senate

    Queen Post-Senate

    Queen Theed Ceremony

    Gungan Warrior

    Plo Koon (supposedly confirmed)

    SaeSee Tiin

    Shmi Skywalker

    Eeth Koth


    Padme Arena Battle (supposedly confirmed)

    C-3PO with junk coverings

    Kit Fisto

    Tusken Mother with Child

    Boba Fett (E2) - with Jango 2 pack?

    JarJar Senator

    Dexter Jettster

    Geonosian Warrior (winged)

    Chancellor Palpatine

    Clone Commander (supposedly confirmed)

    Zam Wessel

    Orm Fre Taa


    And I can think of others, but you already made figures of these in the 3 3/4" size. Now make them bigger!

    Let the fun begin!

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    Yeah what he said....I would also like to see a 12 inch Jabba the Hutt.
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    Dang! That sure is some list. Slightly more choosey, I'd be more than happy to just see the following . . .

    Hammer Head

    Now get to it, Hasbro! Chop! Chop!

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    True it's a big list, but I EXPECT Hasbro to announce and confirm all of those within the next week

    Seriously though, Mark, while I really like your pics for the Action Collection, your six choices would only last the line 2 standard waves (of 3 figures each) or so. As Hasbro has the license for 5 more years at least, we should get at least a dozen figures per year in the standard waves, not counting exclusives.

    I recommended 73 figures (approximately and double-counting for 2-packs, Band Pairs, etc.)

    Hasbro could make just about ALL of these over the next 5 years, or 60 of the 73 of them in standard, quarterly assortments of 3 figures per quarter!

    That does not include Episode THREE figures however, but some of these can be exclusives including the 13 that wouldn't be counted amongst the 3-per-quarter rule.

    Even at $20 each, it makes Hasbro $60 per quarter from each 12" collector, or $240 more per year from all of us.

    The math works out. I think they should do it! I mean most of the time they are saving by recycling the same GI Joe body, it's just clothes, head and hand sculpts, plus packaging and shipping costs, right?

    So they CAN do this wish list, can't they guys?

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    Our 12 off this list for THIS year would seem to be:

    Ki Adi Mundi (Fan Club Exclusive? - that's the rumor)
    Plo Koon (Fan Club Exclusive? - that's the rumor)
    Clone Commander
    Padme (Arena Battle)
    Zam Wessel (not confirmed!)
    Max Rebo
    Droopy McCool
    Sy Snootles
    Kit Fisto (not confirmed!)

    and we are so close to

    Lando Skiff Guard
    Gamorrean Guard

    and I think I left Oola off my list by mistake. I definitely want her!!!

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    Yeah, Tycho. In "theory" they can. I was just narrowing it down to the one's I'd absolutely "DEFINITELY" pick-up. I'm getting more and more choosey these days. But, I must admit, I'd be a sucker for these next "additional waves" from your list.

    NABRUM LEIDS (this IS the four armed, gasmasked cantina patron, correct?)

    WED 15 SEPTOID "2" (spider droid at Jawa sale)
    POWER DROID (gonk!gonk!)

    As you can see I am very partial to droids . . . The last three would make a really great "6 wave don't you think?

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    A Gam Guard could be AWESOME ! I can picture him now, so rotund with cloth and leather accessories. They could even do a removable helmet, unless it wouldn't be able to fit his head properly . . . detailed horns and protruding teeth would be cool in the 12" line. Make him, please

    Mark, I'm pretty choosey too. But I guarantee I would buy the Guard, as well as Snags, 2-1B, and FX-7

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    Yes, Mark: that was Nabrum Leids with the 4 arms. He WOULD make an awesome 12", wouldn't he?

    Caesar: I was almost drooling like a Gamorrean over your description of a 12" Action Collection one! Wow that would be awesome!

    However, this is Hasbro - with the cost put in for the new molds obviously required for the Gamorrean's unique build - he's going to be all plastic like Watto was, if they do him. (I'd bet). However, what a great sculpt it would be (at least!).

    Anyway, the latter is the version they could sell for $20. The one with all the extras sounds like an exclusive with a high price tag to me. But heck: I'd pay for that kind of quality! Are you in Ceasar?

    Let's get him!

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    Re: 12" I'd like to see happen!

    Originally posted by Tycho
    Dear Hasbro:

    Dr. Evazan
    Hey, I'm all for that!

    A lot of great choices. I's buy everyone of those!
    The thought of a Gamorrean Guard makes me salivate too!

    I think hasbro should do a Fan's Choice in the 12" category.
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    I'd like to see a 12" Swoop Bike w/ Anakin.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!


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